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From: lovetolearn <mnclovetolearn@×××××.com>
To: gentoo-project@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-project] Gentoo Paid Program Idea
Date: Mon, 16 Nov 2020 03:15:46
1 Hello Gentoo Community,
3 I like what this project is about.
5 I'd like to see it maintain and/or grow it's standing in the ranks of
6 Desktop and also Server Linux Distributions while remaining a distribution
7 for software developers and Linux professionals.
9 Today, I'd like to offer this idea and if the majority of us want to run
10 with it, we will see it through to it's success, and keep passing it on to
11 future community members.
13 The Gentoo Certification Program (a community-based certification for Linux
14 Professionals). The ranks may be agreed upon as follows:
16 GCSA / Gentoo-Certified System Administrator $15/hr USD, $13/hr in BTC,
17 LTC, or MNC
18 GCE / Gentoo-Certified Engineer $25/hr USD, $23/hr in BTC, LTC, or MNC
19 GCA / Gentoo-Certified Architect $35/hr USD, $33/hr in BTC, LTC, or MNC
21 If we can have a program like this, not only does doing what I love for
22 work become viable, but Gentoo, Portage, and OpenRC (among our other great
23 components) will get even more well-deserved attention.
25 I'd love to hear what pay rates we think would be good for our experienced
26 Linux community members/professionals, as well as for entry-level sysadmins
27 (and network engineers) like myself. We should, of course, keep in mind
28 that we do have individual and corporate competitors so we shouldn't cost
29 as much as, or more than them - lower prices, will get us some
30 candidates/students and even help in the future. At the same time, giving
31 our project this stream of income and attention would ideally give this
32 great effort, some added stability.
34 Questions, comments, concerns - let's have it!
36 I look forward to hearing about this in the days and weeks ahead should
37 this reignite things for us!
39 Freely and gratefully,
40 ltl


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