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From: Dominik Riva <slalomsk8er@×××××.com>
To: gentoo-project@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-project] A proposal to get out of this mess
Date: Tue, 15 Jan 2008 01:11:47
Hi Gentoo-Project,

Let me first introduce myself to you.

I am known in the forum as Slalomsk8er and I am the one that started
because I believe documenting is better then whining. Besides that, I am a
webmaster and server administrator for a living. If you know the Swiss
political system you will soon understand why this proposal comes to you
from Switzerland.

Now to the Problem at hand:

This organisation is not able to do any thing then producing code at the
moment and this is what produced that mess.

The offer from drobbins and the community that wants you by a big 90% to
take him by his offer.

The developers that don't like his offer because of his style to handle
volunteers that don't share his point of view.

So what to do:

Decline his offer!

Forget the Foundation - it is as dead as it can get legal. (how long can
Gentoo wait till the assets get lost?)

Let the community vote on a constitution for the council. (One from the
developers and as much others that have a substancial backing from the
community. In Switzerland we normally can vote for 2 to 3 versions of a "hot

A new council of 5 persons gets voted that stands under the rules of the new
Gentoo constitution by the community at large.
(Yes they will vote drobbins in if the likes to accept his nomination in the
light of the new rules)

Why I think this drastic steps are needed:

Gentleman, you screwed big time and the community is pissed!

The Gentoo-Project at large lost a lot of trust and credit in the eyes of
the community.

Hell, I would not even trust a Gentoo-Foundation trustee to feed my pet
snails while I am on a vacation!

The community will backup the drobbins that the active developers and some
forum veterans that spoke at don't want back in charge
for what sounds like good reasons.

The current situation could, if all goes wrong, lead to a fork. I believe
with my knowledge of Gentoo and considering the nature of the Portage-Tree
at the heart of this distribution, that this could be the doom for both
forks. I have a vivid fantasy and it shows me dropped architectures,
invisibility at distrowatch and a dwindling user count. And I don't share
the opinion of AllenJB that: If the users leave, there's still the
developers and live goes on at Gentoo.
New developers need to come from somewhere and fast, as it looks like most
developers leave after ~2 years.
And the nature of Gentoo's Portage has it that every ebuild wants his
maintainer and they are called developers.

One last thing in my own interest:

Please fill in the gaps at with
your internal knowledge.
The community needs all information's it can get if it has to vote. This
geeks want to know that what they do to there beloved distribution is the
right thing to do.

Regards, Dominik Riva


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