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From: "Andreas K. Huettel" <dilfridge@g.o>
To: gentoo-project@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-project] It's manifesto season.
Date: Wed, 08 Jul 2015 20:36:41
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5 Hi all,
7 So it seems manifestos are called for these days. Yes I know I'm pretty late,
8 but at least this way I can combine the mail with a general call - PLEASE
9 PARTICIPATE in the council election, PLEASE VOTE!!!
11 So... What's important for the next year of Gentoo awesomeness? Well I would
12 have certainly mentioned the Git migration here, but things seem to be moving
13 faster than expected, fingers crossed. And the Git migration is a technical
14 step, while I'd prefer to focus on fundamental things.
16 * Gentoo needs to be cutting edge!
18 Yes, I'm talking about having Qt5 in the tree when it's released. (Oh, was
19 that already?) This also means that sometime solutions are not perfect in
20 ~arch yet. Stable is stable and hopefully rock-solid-stable, ~arch is also
21 called "testing" for a reason. If you run it you may encounter occasional
22 difficulties - but you have the chance to use the newest and greatest
23 everything. Which is cool. I don't mind the occasional ricer. After all,
24 Gentoo can be optimized a LOT.
25 - -Which leads automatically to the next bullet point,
27 * Gentoo needs more manpower (and womanpower of course)!
29 Did you know that right now the recruiters are "idle"? Empty queue and noone
30 in sight. If you finish your quizzes right now, you can be picked up straight
31 away...
32 I'm sure the Git migration will help attracting contributors via e.g. merge
33 requests (ok that already works now thanks to mgorny's skillz, but natively it
34 will be even better), but still the number of developers with tree access
35 remains a limitation. I help merge ebuilds from a few people (thanks guys!)
36 but still I'd very much prefer I wouldn't have to be around all the time.
37 To be very clear, I don't think the quizzes or the recruiting process are the
38 problem. The problem is a different one, coolness and visibility. Gentoo needs
39 to be cool, cutting edge, and attract a large, interested, and knowledgeable
40 crowd. Then we'll also be able to attract more interested recruits.
41 - -Which leads automatically to the next bullet point,
43 * Gentoo needs to be visible.
45 We need to improve our visibility on social media, on the web (thanks
46 a3li!!!), at opensource conferences, everywhere. A booth, a booth, a kingdom
47 for a booth! Not just for the fun of it, but because there's a benefit for all
48 of us.
49 Gentoo is the "root" of an entire ecosystem, providing the base not only for
50 Funtoo, Sabayon, Pentoo etc but also for ChromiumOS / ChromeOS and CoreOS, for
51 example. However, somehow I doubt that many of the millions Chromebook
52 customers even know that. So, for example, if Google somehow forgets to
53 acknowledge that much of ChromiumOS is based on Gentoo (check [1], if you find
54 mention of Gentoo anywhere you're really good), then *we* have to tell about
55 it!
56 Why? Because we want to attract a great community! Because a larger userbase
57 leads to more contributors, and because Gentoo can be an awesome distribution!
58 Even without that meta thingy.
60 That's it for now. General ideas of previous manifestos still somehow apply...
63 Cheers,
64 Andreas
67 [1]
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72 Andreas K. Huettel
73 Gentoo Linux developer
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