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From: desultory <desultory@g.o>
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Cc: "Andreas K. Huettel" <dilfridge@g.o>
Subject: Re: [gentoo-project] Appeals of Moderation Decisions
Date: Mon, 04 Feb 2019 04:57:50
In Reply to: Re: [gentoo-project] Appeals of Moderation Decisions by "Andreas K. Huettel"
On 02/03/19 08:53, Andreas K. Huettel wrote:
> Am Sonntag, 3. Februar 2019, 14:41:19 CET schrieb Kristian Fiskerstrand: >> On 2/3/19 12:44 PM, Andreas K. Huettel wrote: >>> Am Sonntag, 3. Februar 2019, 05:22:09 CET schrieb desultory: >>>> ComRel, as I have previously mentioned, engages in some extremely >>>> questionable practices, though (again) to their credit at least they >>>> admit it. >>> >>> And parts of forums should rather go away sooner than later, given how >>> even >>> moderators take part in highly questionable threads. That mess also >>> reflects on Gentoo as a whole. >> >> To be more concrete here if we want to put it on the agenda, we're >> talking about OTW only, or are there other categories etc that are >> non-gentoo-related on official communication channels? > > My main point is that OTW needs to be nuked from orbit. >
Your "main point" appears to ignore how developers regularly engage in discussion at least as "bad" as what has been cited in other official channels without anyone, at least seriously, calling for e.g #gentoo-dev to be "nuked from orbit". Your "main point" also ignores that several users who regularly provide support, you know the thing the forums are primarily for, spend as much time on the forums as they do in part due to having something like Off the Wall functioning as a sort of social hall.
> That said, I'm not sure how much the forums / forum mods are still integrated > with the developer community in general. Maybe we devs just need to become > more active on the forums. Sometimes it feels like a parallel universe (where > Spock has a beard) though. >
Developers do, and have, taken part in the forums. Yes there have been negative interactions with developers, but it is mostly minor and handled when found or reported and by far the worst cases have involved the developers behaving far and away worse than the users they were in conflict with. So if you are looking to become more active on the forums you are entirely welcome to it, but bear in mind that the rules apply to developers every bit as much as they do to users, if you consider that to be a "disconnect" then I would suggest considering how that "reflects on Gentoo as a whole". As for describing the forums as something that "feels like" the stereotypical evil mirror universe, might I suggest some reading material for you? [CoC] [CoC]