Gentoo Archives: gentoo-proxy-maint

From: Joonas Niilola <juippis@g.o>
To: gentoo-proxy-maint@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-proxy-maint] October 2020 status update
Date: Mon, 12 Oct 2020 13:17:10
1 Hey,
3 here's a little status update for the project. As the long-time
4 contributors may have noticed, we've had a period where processing
5 through pull requests took 14-30 days. Thanks for your patience. We
6 should now be back on track and every self-maintained and
7 maintainer-needed labeled pull requests should have been reviewed. If
8 yours received no attention, and has been open for at least a couple of
9 days, AND passes the CI check cleanly, please do send a ping in the PR.
10 We should be back at a regular phase where we can process every PR
11 within 5 days from now, at least for the time being.
13 New package PRs have been blatantly ignored. As informed in pretty much
14 everywhere possible, it's expected they first take a round through GURU
15 to receive initial feedback. And now we're in a situation where we can
16 *slowly* start pulling packages and their maintainers from GURU to
17 Gentoo. We've already done this to a couple of packages. For starters
18 our first candidates are based on their usefulness and popularity, and
19 let's see where it goes from there. Of course nothing is forcing you to
20 move your package to Gentoo if you like the freedom to commit by
21 yourself whenever you wish, and/or hate doing PRs. We still expect new
22 packages to be put in GURU primarily.
24 A couple of reminders for the end:
25  - you can fix / bump any package in maintainer-needed without having to
26 become a maintainer for it.
27  - we don't see notifications for projects other than proxy-maint, nor
28 can we really process them. If if your contribution gets ignored please
29 open a bug and link your PR to that bug using commit tags described in
30 your PR. Bugzilla is still the main channel for reporting bugs. I am
31 looking into processing PRs assigned to dead/inactive projects, and
32 overall keeping Github clean.
33  - handle your bugs! At least communicate with the bug reporter, and us,
34 what your intentions are if you can not fix it immediately. We have
35 humongous amount of bugs open and when looking to retire inactive
36 maintainers, the most important factor is how many bugs are open and how
37 they are handled overall. I know some of the packages are a bit more
38 complex and can't be fixed immediately.
39  - pay attention to the automated PR feedback! If a CI check reports a
40 failure, we tend to give you time to fix it. This means, we usually
41 won't return to it before the CI check passes. Also don't forget to
42 properly sign-off *all* of your commits!
44 When in doubt, don't hesitate to hop in IRC and ask guidance from
45 #gentoo-proxy-maint or #gentoo-dev-help channels. You can also reach us
46 via the e-mail alias proxy-mail@g.o.
48 Thanks for your interest, and contributions to Gentoo!
49 -- juippis