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From: Kacper Kowalik <xarthisius@g.o>
To: gentoo-python@l.g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-python] [RFC] Creating Python project overlay
Date: Wed, 16 May 2012 17:06:41
In Reply to: Re: [gentoo-python] [RFC] Creating Python project overlay by Matthew Summers
On 16.05.2012 18:35, Matthew Summers wrote:
> On Wed, May 16, 2012 at 7:26 AM, Kacper Kowalik <xarthisius@g.o> wrote: >> Nice thing to do (already tested with Science overlay) is to have it >> outside of distro infrastructure, on publicly available site like >> github/bitbucket/<place you choice here>. It allows for reviewing quite >> nicely, also enforces basic knowledge of forking, merging working with >> PRs etc. > > I like the general idea you have here. I think it will make > collaboration much easier. I would add a word of caution regarding > extra-gentoo infra. Not everyone will want to use these services. > Further, the concept of a "pull request" is a shiny gui wrapper around > git-format-patch and the git-apply/git-am workflow, or so it seems to > me.
It's exactly that. Yet, I've never received git-format-patch from user. At the beginning git's native commands maybe a little more frightening than "clickable" interface. However, with upcoming (hopefully) git migration that should become more popular.
> I suggest we use g.o.g.o for the proper master and mirror (auto via a > hook) out to various services like github, etc. Then we can easily > merge in changes from any service.
That's what we did with Gentoo Science Project's repo. No hook is necessary, just configuring your local git clone[1] and git push/pull --all is enough.
> This does bring up an related question regarding the idea of official > (or semi-official) gentoo repos using external service providers. I > note that github has an "organization" called "gentoo" already [1]. > Anyone know about who set this up? Are there other examples of this?
I think that one ( is unrelated. Semi-official are beforemention sci repo and Haskell guys[2]
> We should use our trademarked name where possible. (I think I will ask > around about the github org bit.) > > I would love to see gentoo encourage contrib, in the way you outline > Kacper, all across the project.
Some of your concerns (and possibly other things) were also discussed on gentoo-science mailing list, when we were migrating to github[3] I'm also not insisting at all that it should be github, if we decide to do it. I know some people detest it :) Cheers, Kacper [1] [2] [3]


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