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Subject: [gentoo-qa] Re: [GSoC-status] Collagen - database schema and further changes
Date: Sat, 25 Jul 2009 22:50:22
Message-Id: 20090725225012.GA7943@w0rm
In Reply to: [gentoo-qa] Re: [GSoC-status] Collagen - database schema and further changes by Stanislav Ochotnicky
Hi everyone,

first thanks for responses to my last email. I was kind of joking
with the intruder part, but it still is nice to have feedback.

Now to good news. We had some nice results this week: first
discovered ebuild error. Apparently lxkde-base/lxsession was missing
intltool in DEPEND.

Apart from that everything went as planned. I was focusing on fixing
errors with collagen and building of packages. To speed up testing we
started building/using binary packages (with  --usepkg --buildpkg). This
will have to be improved later when we start playing with use flags
more, but for now it will do.

I also fixed problem with unmerging system packages (collagen now skips
unmerging of packages in "system" set).

Rest of changes went into improving information we get when compiling
packages (debugging info mostly).

I guess this will be it for now, plans for following week are as
 * fix few more outstanding bugs bugging me :-)
 * compile even more packages and start filling database up
 * categorize at least a few ebuild problems

See ya later alligators,

Stanislav Ochotnicky
Working for Gentoo Linux
Implementing Tree-wide collision checking and provided files database

jabber: sochotnicky@×××××.com
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[gentoo-qa] Re: [GSoC-status] Collagen - database schema and further changes Stanislav Ochotnicky <sochotnicky@×××××.com>