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Subject: [gentoo-qa] [GSoC-status] Collagen - database schema and further changes
Date: Fri, 26 Jun 2009 12:51:23
Message-Id: 20090626125103.GA13253@w0rm
So another (if a bit late) status update for Tree-wide collision 
checking and files database is coming.

I don't plan on having any major architectural changes from this point
on (I will update docs on during the
weekend). We have matchbox as master server and tinderboxes as compile
slave. Previously mentioned binary host is not yet implemented at all
since we want to get to actually compiling stuff as soon as possible and
speed is a bit down the list for now.

We have basic database model for storing information collected by
tinderboxes ready (doc/ddl.sql - it is a dump of postgresql database,
model is at gentooexperimental web).
There are few changes that are not included there yet, such as 
tinderbox slave table with information about them. There will definitely
be more changes to ddl as we go, but hopefully nothing major.

I hit a few minor issues with chroot for compilation creation. Whole
process goes like this:
(not chrooted yet)
 * We get information about use flags/dependencies etc for the package
 * Call external shell script to prepare chroot and mount proc and dev
 * chroot and call portage.doebuild(...)

Now the external shell script I created uses official stage file to
create base chroot, then rsyncs /usr/portage to chroot. From this point
on further customization of BASE chroot is possible. Issue is that we
need to have same version of portage in BASE_CHROOT as we have on
tinderbox, otherwise things can get really ugly. Chroot preparation
script will therefore see some changes. I am looking into options for
making sure that everything is set up correctly. One easy possiblity is
to manually change BASE_CHROOT after basic setup by script. Better
solution is to integrate catalyst into chroot creation. 

Now it's one big puzzle with one bit missing here, one bit missing
there. But it's slowly starting to come together. Fortunately I have
tried most things as small POCs and I am starting to see light at the
end of the tunnel (pretty far away but visible).

P.S. In case it's not so obvious, repository is here: 

Stanislav Ochotnicky
Working for Gentoo Linux
Implementing Tree-wide collision checking and provided files database

jabber: sochotnicky@×××××.com
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