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Subject: [gentoo-qa] Re: [GSoC-status] Collagen - database schema and further changes
Date: Fri, 31 Jul 2009 09:45:48
Message-Id: 20090731094410.GA19452@w0rm
In Reply to: [gentoo-qa] Re: [GSoC-status] Collagen - database schema and further changes by Stanislav Ochotnicky

another week behind me. And quite productive one if you ask me.

I recently pushed yesterday's changes to public repo (so far
only devel branch which might get rebased so thread carefully :-)
). There is a lot of cleanup work to be done, but I can say that
we have base working now.

So what exactly was going on over the last week? I fixed
bunch of bugs (and two remaining I plan to fix today). You
can see more information about that at redmine bug tracker on Once I fix remaining bugs I plan to add more
to bugtracker :-)

Some work went into making tinderboxes able to recover from problems
so that they can run without supervision. All around exception
handling and error logging is not perfect but a lot better then a
week ago.

I also started filling up database with information yesterday. It went
even smoother then I expected, I only had few typos in my code :-) All
in all it took about 2 hours to make it all work.

I have three more ebuild candidates for fixing (not confirmed yet):
 * dev-java/kaffe doesn't list x11-libs/libXtst in DEPEND
 * x11-lib/libXaw is missing x11-libs/libXext and x11-proto/xextproto
    in DEPEND
 * games-roguelike/tome ebuilds all have typo in ebuilds. Can you spot

I'll give you short example so you don't have to look it up:

For a moment I actually thought that portage has some bug because it
didn't return proper DEPEND packages...Until I saw that typo later on.
Maybe this could be checked in repoman somehow?

So moving on to plan for today and the next week:
 * report bugs for mentioned ebuilds
 * fix main bugs remaining in collagen
 * start to refactor code to make it more pretty for later audit :-)
 * start creating web interface for file database using Django

So long and thanks for all the fish,

Stanislav Ochotnicky
Working for Gentoo Linux
Implementing Tree-wide collision checking and provided files database

jabber: sochotnicky@×××××.com
icq: 74274152


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