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From: catalyst@××××××××××××××××××××.org
To: releng@g.o, gentoo-releng-autobuilds@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-releng-autobuilds] [hppa-auto] Catalyst fatal build error - hppa2.0/stage1.spec
Date: Fri, 14 Sep 2018 18:19:49
*** Running command: time catalyst -a -c /etc/catalyst/catalyst.conf -f hppa2.0/stage1.spec
Catalyst, version 2.0.18
Copyright 2003-2008 Gentoo Foundation
Copyright 2008-2012 various authors
Distributed under the GNU General Public License version 2.1

Using command line specified Catalyst configuration file, /etc/catalyst/catalyst.conf
Setting sharedir to config file value "/usr/lib/catalyst"
Setting snapshot_cache to config file value "/usr/local/catalyst/snapshot_cache"
Setting hash_function to config file value "crc32"
Setting storedir to config file value "/usr/local/catalyst"
Setting portdir to config file value "/usr/portage"
Setting distdir to config file value "/usr/portage/distfiles"
Setting options to config file value "autoresume bindist pkgcache snapcache"
Autoresuming support enabled.
Binary redistribution enabled
Package cache support enabled.
Snapshot cache support enabled.
Envscript support enabled.
Using target: stage1
Building natively for hppa
stage1 root path is /tmp/stage1root
Source path set to /usr/local/catalyst/builds/default/stage3-hppa2.0-latest.tar.bz2
Caching snapshot to /usr/local/catalyst/snapshot_cache/20180909T071009Z/
The autoresume path is /usr/local/catalyst/tmp/default/.autoresume-stage1-hppa2.0-20180909T071009Z/
stage1 stage path is /usr/local/catalyst/tmp/default/stage1-hppa2.0-20180909T071009Z/tmp/stage1root
Location of the package cache is /var/tmp/catalyst/packages/default/stage1-hppa2.0
Checking for processes running in chroot and killing them.
Removing AutoResume Points: ...
Emptying directory /usr/local/catalyst/tmp/default/.autoresume-stage1-hppa2.0-20180909T071009Z/
--- Running action sequence: unpack
No Valid Resume point detected, cleaning up...
Removing AutoResume Points: ...
Emptying directory /usr/local/catalyst/tmp/default/.autoresume-stage1-hppa2.0-20180909T071009Z/
Emptying directory /usr/local/catalyst/tmp/default/stage1-hppa2.0-20180909T071009Z/

Starting tar extract from /usr/local/catalyst/builds/default/stage3-hppa2.0-latest.tar.bz2
to /usr/local/catalyst/tmp/default/stage1-hppa2.0-20180909T071009Z/ (This may take some time) ...

tar: SELinux support is not available
--- Running action sequence: unpack_snapshot
Valid snapshot cache, skipping unpack of portage tree...
--- Running action sequence: setup_confdir
Configuring /etc/portage...
--- Running action sequence: portage_overlay
--- Running action sequence: base_dirs
--- Running action sequence: bind
--- Running action sequence: chroot_setup
Setting up chroot...

	Overriding certain env variables may cause catastrophic failure.
	If your build fails look here first as the possible problem.
	Catalyst assumes you know what you are doing when setting
		these variables.
	Catalyst Maintainers use VERY minimal envscripts if used at all
	You have been warned

--- Running action sequence: setup_environment
--- Running action sequence: run_local
copying make.conf to /usr/local/catalyst/tmp/default/stage1-hppa2.0-20180909T071009Z///tmp/stage1root/etc/portage
Copying to /tmp
copying to /usr/local/catalyst/tmp/default/stage1-hppa2.0-20180909T071009Z//tmp
copying to /usr/local/catalyst/tmp/default/stage1-hppa2.0-20180909T071009Z//tmp
Ensure the file has the executable bit set
Running in chroot /usr/local/catalyst/tmp/default/stage1-hppa2.0-20180909T071009Z/
>>> Regenerating /etc/
Adding USE=" build" to make.conf for portage build emerge --quiet --oneshot --update --newuse sys-apps/portage Performing Global Updates (Could take a couple of minutes if you have a lot of binary packages.)
>>> Verifying ebuild manifests >>> Emerging (1 of 1) sys-apps/portage-2.3.40-r1::gentoo >>> Installing (1 of 1) sys-apps/portage-2.3.40-r1::gentoo
Updating seed stage... emerge --quiet --update --deep --newuse --complete-graph --rebuild-if-new-ver gcc The following packages are causing rebuilds: (net-firewall/iptables-1.6.1-r3:0/12::gentoo, ebuild scheduled for merge) causes rebuilds for: (sys-apps/iproute2-4.14.1-r2:0/0::gentoo, ebuild scheduled for merge)
>>> Verifying ebuild manifests >>> Running pre-merge checks for sys-devel/gcc-7.3.0-r3 >>> Running pre-merge checks for net-misc/openssh-7.7_p1-r9 >>> Emerging (1 of 30) app-arch/bzip2-1.0.6-r10::gentoo >>> Installing (1 of 30) app-arch/bzip2-1.0.6-r10::gentoo >>> Emerging (2 of 30) dev-lang/python-exec-2.4.6::gentoo >>> Installing (2 of 30) dev-lang/python-exec-2.4.6::gentoo >>> Emerging (3 of 30) sys-libs/timezone-data-2018e::gentoo >>> Installing (3 of 30) sys-libs/timezone-data-2018e::gentoo >>> Emerging (4 of 30) sys-devel/patch-2.7.6-r2::gentoo >>> Installing (4 of 30) sys-devel/patch-2.7.6-r2::gentoo >>> Emerging (5 of 30) app-admin/eselect-1.4.13::gentoo >>> Installing (5 of 30) app-admin/eselect-1.4.13::gentoo >>> Emerging (6 of 30) sys-devel/bison-3.0.5-r1::gentoo >>> Installing (6 of 30) sys-devel/bison-3.0.5-r1::gentoo >>> Emerging (7 of 30) sys-devel/binutils-2.30-r2::gentoo >>> Installing (7 of 30) sys-devel/binutils-2.30-r2::gentoo >>> Emerging (8 of 30) sys-devel/gcc-7.3.0-r3::gentoo >>> Installing (8 of 30) sys-devel/gcc-7.3.0-r3::gentoo >>> Recording sys-devel/gcc in "world" favorites file... >>> Emerging (9 of 30) dev-libs/openssl-1.0.2p::gentoo
Command terminated by signal 15 236.74user 50.42system 26:25:42elapsed 0%CPU (0avgtext+0avgdata 16288maxresident)k 0inputs+0outputs (15major+1040985minor)pagefaults 0swaps Full build log at /tmp/catalyst-auto.20180909T071009Z.OOdoDY/log/hppa2.0_stage1.log