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From: Daniel Robbins <drobbins@g.o>
To: gentoo-releng@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-releng] drobbins built a livecd
Date: Wed, 21 Jan 2004 06:02:13
Hi everyone,

I just did a fairly major reworking of the LiveCD stuff in catalyst, to
make things a bit cleaner. There are quite a few changes all over the
place, and here's a summary:

livecd-stage3 has been deprecated and merged into livecd-stage2. This
simplifies quite a bit of catalyst code. It makes a successful build of
a livecd several minutes faster, as a huge tarball doesn't need to be
bzip2 compressed and then unpacked.

the archscripts and runscripts have been reworked. The default runscript
and x86 archscript on CVS have been updated and _are working_ (I built
an x86 livecd on amd64 that booted in vmware.)
The archscript and runscript are now somewhat leaner.

examples/livecd/x86 contain _working_ example spec files for livecd
building. You can use them as-is, as I've added a tweak to catalyst so
it will look for files with non-absolute pathnames in the current
working directory (so that "boot/kernel/gentoo/config:
examples/livecd/x86/foo.config" works just fine if you run catalyst from
the cvs root.) Just unmask baselayout-r4, gentoo-dev-sources-2.6.1-r1
and the latest genkernel in your snapshot and everything should work

the various parts of the runscript/archscript have been renamed, and
some parts have been combined and/or deprecated. We now have the
following, which run in the order specified:

preclean - prep livecd environment, do a bit of cleaning
kernel - build kernel
bootloader - configure bootloader
clean - clean up with chroots unmounted
cdfs - prepare cd filesystem (loopback, zisofs, etc.)

Also, USE="livecd" is now enabled in the x86 livecd spec files, and
catalyst has been tweaked so that baselayout is re-emergeable when it's
listed in livecd/packages. baselayout is working. It certainly needs
more work (saw 2 livecd bugs -- one is that it's trying to calculate
module deps on the read-only fs, and the other that "reboot" doesn't
work correctly. These aren't particularly hard to fix.)

I should have docs and a quick tutorial online sometime tomorrow. To
Weeve and others who have started work on LiveCD stuff: sorry for these
late changes. I will work on getting the sparc64 example livecd scripts
fully updated by tomorrow. These changes should definitely be "worth it"
in the long-run.



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