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From: Daniel Robbins <drobbins@g.o>
To: Martin Schlemmer <azarah@g.o>
Cc: Brad House <brad_mssw@g.o>, gentoo-releng@l.g.o, Gentoo-Base-System <base-system@g.o>
Subject: [gentoo-releng] Re: baselayout changes for livecds
Date: Sun, 18 Jan 2004 00:47:50
In Reply to: [gentoo-releng] Re: baselayout changes for livecds by Martin Schlemmer
On Sat, 2004-01-17 at 15:11, Martin Schlemmer wrote:
> There are some fluff in baselayout ebuild not needed. I will > let you know what after I have worked through it. Also, I still > think we should have USE=livecd to even install livecd related > scripts, etc - more after review.
Catalyst builds livecds using standard stage3 tarballs, and a USE=livecd would require baselayout to be re-merged on the livecd, as well as any other packages that start using the "livecd" USE variable. For now, this is a bad idea since our efforts have been focused on building up LiveCDs from stage3's, not stage2's. For this release cycle, we're going to start with a stage3. USE=livecd is something we can explore for 2004.1, but it doesn't work for us now, particularly for packages that are already merged in a stage3.
> > TODO (in baselayout): > > - autogen random password on boot, for security > > I think the general idea is not to have a passwd with > a livecd - just me though.
The best way to set up sshd on the livecd is to allow root logins, but randomize the root password for security. Then the user just needs to use "passwd" to set a new root password rather than edit /etc/sshd/sshd_config to allow root login, restart the daemon *and* run passwd.
> > PS: these fixes are very non-intrusive, please apply asap. > > I do not see the rush - all who is appropriate, can get things > done for the time being, but I really want a few days to sit > and sort through this.
Brad is requesting for this to happen quickly because other people (in fact, the entire Gentoo LiveCD development effort) is waiting for these fixes to get into baselayout. Showing some concern for our schedule would be greatly appreciated. Regards, Daniel -- gentoo-releng@g.o mailing list