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From: Benjamin Judas <beejay@g.o>
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Subject: Re: [gentoo-releng] python-2.3.3 for 2004.1
Date: Tue, 20 Jan 2004 16:52:57
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In Reply to: [gentoo-releng] python-2.3.3 for 2004.1 by Alastair Tse
Hi Folks,

I tried to build stages for x86 including Python.2.3.3 on the AMD64
releng box, but - as Alastair already stated - they weren't properly
built. Also I am worrying about updating another system-critical
package, since this would include another set of test-stages and ~3 days
for testing. This would delay the release for x86 (was "end of January")
since we also need excessive testing of the live-cd's for x86. 

I personally don't would have a problem including another package and do
some testing, since this can only improve the quality of this release -
but this would also mean, that the x86-release for 2004.0 *might*
possibly be delayed.

At this point I am requesting your opinions, please :)

  Benjamin "beejay" Judas

> Hi All, > > I've been working on getting Python-2.3.3 ready for stage building and > inclusion into 2004.1. I've been working with Beejay for some time to > get stages built, but for some reason, he's having trouble building > python for stage3 (works for stage1 and stage2.) > > However, I've been able to build stages using catalyst for stage1, > stage2 and stage3 with Python-2.3.3 stable (thus replacing > python-2.2.3-r5). This is the only thing that is holding us back from > pushing Python-2.3.3 to stable. The said stages are here: > > > > So if it is possible, can the x86 stagers see if Python-2.3.3 is good > to go for 2004.1? > > Thanks, > - -- > Alastair 'liquidx' Tse > >> Gentoo Developer > >> |
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