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From: John Davis <zhen@g.o>
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Subject: Re: [gentoo-releng] 2004.0 Reminders
Date: Sun, 04 Jan 2004 21:45:49
In Reply to: Re: [gentoo-releng] 2004.0 Reminders by Guy Martin
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Guy Martin wrote:
| On Sat, 03 Jan 2004 23:25:03 -0500
| John Davis <zhen@g.o> wrote:
|>- -If you have not already, please get your kernel .configs for both 2.4
|>and 2.6 (if possible) to drobbins and brad_mssw *IMMEDIATELY*. We need
|>those .configs to make livecds.
| I just finisehd to port genkernel on hppa but I only did it for 32 bit
2.4 kernels. I'll need more time to create a 2.6 config because it still
really unstable on parisc (i.e. scsi drivers b0rked). For 64 bit kernels
(some box require it) there is more work to do. I just integrated a
64bit toolchain into portage which need a little testing (I think SpanKY
is testing it). 2.4 64bit kernel config is done but still need to be
ported into genkernel (issues with insmod and so on). Also, I'll have to
work with lu_zero to port gcloop for 64bit.
|>- -Test week starts the 7th. We are still on track to make 2004.0 by the
|>22nd, so start thinking about snapping the portage tree and getting your
|>testing started. Check the releng page for all essential parts that are
|>needed to constitute a release (portage snap, relnotes, stages, grp, etc).
| I consider the actual portage really stable for hppa. I've done all I
can do to have it up to date. Btw, I'm in exams now. That means that
I'll not be able to work on this until Jan 16 but most part of the job
is done. I got portages snap, stages, grp, all in testing phase. I'll
need to rebuild everything because of some bugs fixed and portage which
have been updated in the meantime. This takes 3-4 days or perhaps more
if I add kde to grp.
|>- -Arch leads, please mail me a status report on how things are going.
| Do you need to know anything else ?

Guy -
That should be fine :) Like I said to Kumba, don't kill yourself for
2.6. If it is not stable, then don't release it. You can always follow
up w/ 2.6 in 2004.1. As for gcloop, last time I heard we are not using
it this release on our livecds, so don't kill yourself on that either.


BTW - What's happening over in x86, PPC, and SPARC land?

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