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From: Pieter Van den Abeele <pvdabeel@g.o>
To: gentoo-releng@l.g.o
Cc: davisjp@×××.edu
Subject: Re: [gentoo-releng] Release Info (long and thorough)
Date: Tue, 10 Feb 2004 23:44:17
In Reply to: Re: [gentoo-releng] Release Info (long and thorough) by Brad House
On 10 Feb 2004, at 23:05, Brad House wrote:

>> Zisofs does not work on ppc
One of the reasons for the creation of a 2004.0/ppc sneak preview release was to give the genkernel team some time to implement gcloop compression in catalyst, this is no longer a ppc requirement for 2004.0 since we have a recent kde/gnome cd now. Zisofs being ppc incompatible has been mentioned before on both this list and on a gentoo meeting on which the requirements for catalyst were discussed. I only contributed verbally to the requirement document for genkernel, and did not write the actual document, I wasn't asked to approve/check it either, in fact I haven't seen one. Please note that the genkernel SRS writer included 'pvdabeel should know' in his notes. I'm not the one to blame if nobody asks me, or takes into account my remarks. It is clear there was an issue with genkernel requirements , holding back ppc, and I solved it. Shouldn't we all be happy about it? The ppc team is completely kosher with current genkernel for 2004.0, we were however due to time and manpower constraints (this included building a sneak preview) unable to commit our stuff as fast as the others, something which you described as non-kosher ("we -refused- to commit", rather than "we are -unable- to commit", do you see the difference?). My email described why we were unable to commit as fast as the other architectures. There's no reason to be paranoid about it: Genkernel will get its much requested ppc profile, but everything at the right time. We are busy, busy, busy... I have addressed ppc64 with Tom Gall on irc, I was hoping we could do the same, hence my numerous requests (2nd of february). What I require to happen between ppc32 and ppc64 is coordination. I don't want to see anything that prevents coordination, and we clearly have started out in an incorrect way. I'm glad to hear (finally) that ppc64 will do livecd support by the end of this month. ppc will most likely wait with integrating ppc32 livecd support until you're finished then, to avoid duplicating efforts (think linuxrc rather than kernel .configs). I find it rather annoying that you're not able to answer this simple question much sooner, and am happy I will be able to fall back on your (so far excellent) genkernel work at the end of this month. Again, this will allow me to invest more time in other gentoo aspects. I am not being sarcasting about genkernel documentation or genkernel code, I know how annoying initrd creation can be. I wrote on the second of february that catalyst lacks good livecd documentation, genkernel on the contrary is an excellent example of how it should be done. There are more comments in there than code :-) Please let us start working together in a professional context.
> /me feels another flame war coming on.
I don't see why that would help gentoo? Please note that I have updated my documents to include ppc64 in the ppc scope. I will be very flexible about ppc64, but I require you to use your coordination capabilities to communicate with ppc32, if you're intending on leading that subproject. Best regards, Pieter Van den Abeele -- gentoo-releng@g.o mailing list