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Subject: [gentoo-releng] snapshot info[Message Scanned]
Date: Mon, 09 Feb 2004 21:59:40
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Hi all -
You should have seen my mail to -core regarding snapshots. If you have 
not already, and you are ready to do so, please make your arch's 
snapshot for the final testing phase of 2004.0. If you are not prepared 
to make your snapshot just yet, that is ok, do so at your discretion. If 
you are prepared to make your snapshot, please do so shortly after 12am 
UTC. If you have already made your snapshot, kudos :)

After your final testing snapshot is taken, begin rolling out your 
2004.0 prerelease. This includes the finalized LiveCDs which include the 
release notes in txt and HTML, the handbook in txt and HTML, along with 
a README that details the different documentation etc, stages for your 
supported subarches (P4, P3, sparc*, G4, G3, etc), and GRP.

The README will be available shortly, and I will instruct Swift to put 
the handbook up on his devspace.

If you have started your release cycle already, please note that you do 
not have to start from scratch. Make your snapshot, but keep in mind 
that you do not have to rebuild everything (unless, of course, there are 
some bugs that you need to fix).

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John Davis
Gentoo Linux Developer

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