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From: Kacper Kowalik <xarthisius@g.o>
To: gentoo-science@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-science] Summary of 15-12-2010
Date: Fri, 17 Dec 2010 10:10:10
Hi Everyone,
full log of the meeting is available as usual @ my devspace[1]

Roll call (* for late :P)
 alexxy*, bicatali, cschwan*, dberkholtz, george, jlec, kiwifb*,
 rafaelmartins, TomJBE, xarthisius

 1) overlay polices
   * access for newcomers: without changes, though elevating rights for
      person willing to also look after other overlays is possible
   * automatic qa: harness Bitten[2] as soon as infra installs it along
      with GitPlugin @ our Trac[3] (xarthisius)
   * cleanup: review ebuilds in overlay, punt those not working and
      not touched for past 3 months, RESO WONTFIX on b.g.o (everyone)
 2) metadata
   * using tags as described by GLEP 46[4] to do automatic version
     bump checking needs more developement on ml
 3) sub herds
   * idea of single herd was rejected
   * core sci packages that are outside of sci-* herds' scope need more
     love, proposal of science bug-day?
 4) science profiles
   * agreement to introduce experimental profiles in overlay
   * investigate possibility of "eselecting" them on g-dev ml
 5) fortran
   * obsolete fortran.eclass[5] in favour of toolchain-funcs.eclass
   * implementation of multiple abi for >F90 in the spirit of
     multilib-portage or gnat.eclass (dberkholtz, george, xarthisius)
     need further discussion on ml
 6) web page
   * proj web page (bicatali), electronics subproj (rafaelmartins),
      updating Trac (xarthisius)
 7) tcl/tk
   * call for help on g-dev ml
 8) vote for leader
   * bicatali by acclamation

If I've missed anything, please reply to this thread. Thanks!



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