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Subject: Re: [gentoo-science] sage queues
Date: Tue, 09 Aug 2011 05:25:53
In Reply to: Re: [gentoo-science] sage queues by VulK
Quoting VulK <etn45p4m@×××××.com>:

> Hi, > Thank you for the explanation: I kind of guessed that some part of sage were > omitted to adapt the two packaging system but your explanation gave me the > details I was missing. > As you said the combinat queue is/should be a real mess of continuous > updates (at least this is what I was told) so I am not entirely sure how well > an e-build would perform, in case you decide to spend some time on it I will > gladly be a guinea pig for testing it out. > I do not understand sage package system in details so my request may just be > stupid but is it possible to produce separate ebuilds for the different part > of sage that are now stripped? If not for all of those can this be > done for the > various packages in $SAGE_ROOT/devel ? If an e-build is not feasible, can > USE flags be used to select which extensions to include at compile time? >
The details are a bit long to explain but everything provided by sage is currently split. Technically what is missing is some scripts from the spkg sage_scripts (provided by our sage-baselayout ebuild). Most of the files in $SAGE_LOCAL/bin of a vanilla install that starts with sage are provided by this spkg. And we omit a lot of them, some are already installed only on use flag request. We could add more if it was useful and feasible from a package management perspective. I must say that talking with sage-developers interested in sage installed with portage there is a possibility that some stuff may come back in some form once we figured it out. Something like sage -combinat creates a new sage branch. There is a possibility that we could allow such a branch to be created inside a user account (not system wide) and allow its use. But that's still some way off on my map. In fact it may come as a surprise to my fellow sage-on-gentoo devs. Francois


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