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From: Francois Castonguay <natri98@×××××××.com>
To: george@g.o, metalgod@g.o
Cc: gentoo-science@l.g.o
Subject: RE: Re: [gentoo-science] New sub-project Gentoo Science Physics
Date: Wed, 05 Jul 2006 16:56:32
Message-Id: BAY103-W6A3C5DEFC382D2924F54FAE760@phx.gbl
Thank you very much to George and Luis your precious information. I will start with sci bugs and will try to catch up to be more involved as soon as possible. Fell free to send me anything that you thing could be relevant or any task you think I should be able to tackle. Until then I'll be starting with bugs.
Have a good day and thanks again


> Date: Tue, 4 Jul 2006 21:15:24 +0200> From: george@g.o> Subject: Re: [gentoo-science] New sub-project Gentoo Science Physics> To: natri98@×××××××.com> CC: gentoo-science@l.g.o> > Hi François> > Thank you for your interest!> Since you are just starting with Gentoo it is probably not wise to invite you > into some kind of developership right away :), however you still may find > Gentoo Development handbook usefull:>> It has a good deal of information on how to write ebuilds, eclasses, what > caveats to expect, - stuff that you will find usefull if you want to step > outside of merely "using" Gentoo. This reference might be usefull too:>> although I'd suggest it as a second "more advanced" reading :).> > As for the involvement: the natural place to start would be to look at > bugzilla:>> search for sci bugs and start helping. Resolving real problems or just > testing/cleaning up submitted ebuilds. Of course you may as well submit > ebuilds of your own ;) (but search the bugs first! You will be amazed hom > much stuff we have there). > > Since you metion you are interested in physics you should probably look here:>> The bug is closed, since the herd has already been created (as announced), > however it lists the number of packages that are expected to be added to the > tree eventually. You may try creating ebuilds for some of those that are not > in bugzilla yet. However if you do so, I'd suggest you coordinate with Luis > Medinas, who is the reporter of that bug and who "oversees" the physics > caterogy and herd..> > Thanks again for your interest and wellcome!> > George> > вівторок, 4. липень 2006 18:23, Francois Castonguay Ви написали:> > Good morning all, I’m not sure of the proper protocol to respond to this> > specific mailing list, but I figure this was such a great opportunity, that> > I couldn’t miss it. I have one more year in order to graduate form my> > bachelor in physics and computer science. I have been added on the science> > mailing list for a couple of month now, at the same time that I started> > being interested in Gentoo. I’m now up and running with my first Gentoo> > machine and would like to help the community. I do not know how much my> > contribution can be of an asset but I need to start somewhere. I love> > physics, and I’m starting to enjoy Gentoo. How can I help?> > (Sorry for those who where forced to read my life story, I figure it was> > important to tell where I was before to start anything serious.)> >> > François> > -- > gentoo-science@g.o mailing list>
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