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From: Thomas Kahle <tomka@g.o>
To: Gentoo Science <gentoo-science@l.g.o>
Subject: [gentoo-science] World updates with sage installed - portage bug?
Date: Fri, 01 Jun 2012 12:03:49

now that I have sage-on-gentoo installed I can't do world updates with
the -D option anymore.  Looks like a portage quirk to me.

There seem to be at least two problems:

I have sci-mathematics/singular in my world file and the -D option
forces portage to think that I insist on the latest version.  Therefore
it collides with sage-on-gentoo insisting on 3.1.3:


  (sci-mathematics/singular-, installed) pulled in by
    ~sci-mathematics/singular- required by (sci-mathematics/sage-5.0-r1::sage-on-gentoo, installed)

  (sci-mathematics/singular-3.1.4-r1::gentoo, ebuild scheduled for merge) pulled in by
    (no parents that aren't satisfied by other packages in this slot)

There also is an eselect issue.  I don't know why, but eselect-blas and
eselect-lapack are pulled in, although blocked by the new gsl:

[blocks B      ] app-admin/eselect-blas ("app-admin/eselect-blas" is blocking sci-libs/gsl-1.15-r2, sci-libs/cblas-reference-20110218)
[blocks B      ] app-admin/eselect-lapack ("app-admin/eselect-lapack" is blocking sci-libs/gsl-1.15-r2, sci-libs/cblas-reference-20110218)

However, without the -D option I just get a warning:

WARNING: One or more updates have been skipped due to a dependency conflict:


  (sci-mathematics/singular-3.1.4-r1::gentoo, ebuild scheduled for merge) conflicts with
    ~sci-mathematics/singular- required by (sci-mathematics/sage-5.0-r1::sage-on-gentoo, installed)

Any ideas?  Shall I carry this to the portage mailing list?

Thomas Kahle


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