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Subject: Re: [gentoo-science] lapack transition
Date: Sun, 21 Aug 2005 15:34:34
In Reply to: [gentoo-science] lapack transition by Peter Bienstman
I just returned to this list -- what is the "new infrastructure" we are 
"preparing for"?

BTW, I am also on the Atlas mailing list. There was quite a bit of 
activity over the weekend regarding GCC 4. It seems the default Fortran 
in GCC 4 is Fortran 95, which has instilled great trepidation in some of 
the "old-timers" on the Atlas list. In any event, should I wish to 
experiment with GCC 4, how do I go about doing so without creaming my 
system? Do I need a whole new machine/partition?

The good news is that Gentoo is *way* better than Debian or Fedora in 
its behavior re Atlas. Atlas is *designed* to tune itself to your 
machine, and the Debian packages, for example, are *way* out of date and 
compiled seperately for each architecture. I don't think I'll ever pry 
Dirk Eddelbuettel away from Debian, but there's a lot of hope for the 
rest of the scientific computing community, at least those who want a 
working Atlas out of the box. :)

Other notes: R. Clint Whaley, the head of the Atlas project, mentioned 
that he was interested in making shared libraries of Atlas. I told him 
that the Gentoo package already did that for BLAS-Atlas and LAPACK-Atlas. :)

Could we get a "testing/unstable" Atlas in Portage? Right now, they are 
at 3.7.10, and I only see a 3.7.10 for blas-atlas, not for atlas itself 
or lapack-atlas. I think the x86-64 users will want 3.7.10 across the 
board, and might also want to be able to compile selected code with GCC 4.

Peter Bienstman wrote:

>Hi, > >I've been looking through the tree to see which packages use lapack/blas, and >which of them are prepared for the new infrastructure. There are actually far >less packages than I anticipated: > >Still depends on old infrastructure: > > sys-cluster/hpl > >Already uses virtual/blas or virtual/lapack in unstable branch: > > dev-lang/R > sci-geosciences/grass > sci-misc/camfr > sci-chemistry/mpqc > sci-mathematics/octave > sci-misc/xfoil > >Uses own code, but could benefit from transition: > > dev-python/numeric (see > >Peter > >
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