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From: P Purkayastha <ppurka@×××××.com>
To: gentoo-science <gentoo-science@l.g.o>
Subject: [gentoo-science] sage on gentoo -- only use system atlas
Date: Wed, 21 Aug 2013 12:02:07
Hi all,

  I need to have a personal installation of Sage to do development work.
However, I also want to reduce my upgrade times by installing a system

  To do so, I added the science overlay and emerged
sci-libs/atlas[lapack,fortran,threads]. Thereafter, I added the environment


and proceeded to compile sage in my home directory. Atlas fails with the
error that it can not find liblapack. The exact error message is given

Cannot find liblapack.* in /usr/lib
Unable to find one of liblapack, libcblas, libatlas or libf77blas
in the directory None
Set SAGE_ATLAS_LIB to the directory containing liblapack, libcblas,
libatlas and libf77blas (either .a, .so, .dylib extensions) if
you wish to use existing ATLAS libraries. For more details, see
Unset SAGE_ATLAS_LIB to build ATLAS from source.

I looked at the dependencies of sci-mathematics/sage in the sage-on-gentoo
overlay, and I see that virtual/cblas and virtual/lapack is pulled in by
sci-libs/fflas-ffpack. This ebuild is pulled in by sci-libs/linbox, and
finally linbox is pulled in by sage.

However, the following command only pulls in the virtual packages, which
means that I already have lapack installed, but probably under a different
library name.

~/tmp/sage-on-gentoo» emerge -pvq virtual/cblas virtual/lapack
[ebuild N ] virtual/cblas-2.0
[ebuild N ] virtual/lapack-3.4 USE="-doc"

Can anyone tell me which library name corresponds to I can
then make a symlink and proceed with building my personal copy of sage.
Here is an output of equery files:

~/tmp/sage-on-gentoo» equery files atlas | grep '/usr/lib.*lapack'

Thanks and regards,


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