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Subject: [gentoo-science] Passkey recovery for FAH?
Date: Wed, 17 Aug 2016 18:06:08
Message-Id: 20160817131518.57005927@cannibal
1 From the FAH FAQ:
3 What do I do if I forgot or lost my passkey?
5 Go to the passkey web page and fill in the same information as
6 before. You will get another email with your same passkey.
8 Note:If your original email address is no longer accesible, you
9 will need to enter a new email address, and you will be sent a new
10 and different passkey.
12 Catch: There is no reference I can find to a "passkey" anywhere in
13 their website and the ^&$! FAQ doesn't include the URL of the passkey
14 page.
16 Q: Does anyone know the URL of the FAH "passkey web page" described
17 above?
19 I'm unable to get an account on the folding forum due to Java (I guess)
20 issues that prevent the capcha from displaying on my screen, otherwise
21 I'd ask this there.
23 thanks
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