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From: "François Bissey" <frp.bissey@×××××.com>
To: gentoo-science@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-science] [sage-on-gentoo] sage(math) 6.8 is out
Date: Mon, 27 Jul 2015 02:02:11
1 And sage-on-gentoo has undergone a substantial change
2 during the development phase....
4 So what is different:
5 this is a monolithic ebuild, in the past we had split sage
6 in various components, the scripts, the sage-clib sage and
7 the documentation. Over the last year or two only the
8 separation of sage-clib was strictly necessary.
10 sage-clib being gone upstream we had an opportunity to house
11 everything under one roof. The separation was always
12 arbitrary as there is not much you can do with the scripts
13 without sage itself. Possibly you could have used sage from
14 python without needing the scripts (strictly speaking a couple
15 of files would probably need to be moved from one ebuild to
16 the other for it to work 100%).
18 The only things that are still separate are things that are
19 split in a different package upstream, sage-data packages.
20 Most of them cannot be used without sage and at least one is
21 needed for sage to start.
23 So when you move to sage-6.8 the following ebuilds will need
24 to go:
25 sage-baselayout
26 sage-clib
27 sage-doc or sage-doc-bin
29 Special notes:
30 * ntl 9.3.0: this version of sage moves to the latest version
31 of ntl. It is probably a good idea to rebuild the packages
32 depending on ntl (flint, singular, libsingular, eclib). Automatic
33 rebuild of some of them could have been triggered but I forgot to
34 add the subslot to the ntl ebuild that would have allowed that to
35 happen before it was pushed to the main tree by Thomas Kahle.
37 * x86 users will need to do some extra keywording for sage and
38 sci-mathematics/rw. sci-mathematics/rw was kindly added to
39 the tree by Michael Orlitzky but it was only added with ~amd64
40 keyword. I know there are x86 users out there
41 (, so you can
42 request the keyword
43 to be added the normal way in bugzilla. Once it is done, I'll keyword
44 sage ~x86 again (and repoman will let me do it).
46 - Yes, I know - those two problems would be easily solved if I
47 was a full blown Gentoo-dev.
49 * ~arch users. The recommended useflags for documentation are
50 "+bin-html -html -pdf". In the past we have encouraged people to
51 use sage-doc-bin rather than sage-doc. These flags reproduce
52 that particular set up. ~arch user in particular should adopt these
53 because the documentation will not build with sphinx 1.3.
54 There is a sage ticket to move to sphinx 1.3 but it is not ready
55 for inclusion yet.
57 * numpy 1.9 can be used to build sage but it causes doctest failures
58 and some behavior are not as expected, be cautious that things can
59 happen if your are using numpy 1.9. It is merely allowed so it doesn't
60 block other packages wanting numpy 1.9 while I am working with upstreams
61 (both sage and numpy) to solve the various problems.
63 Happy upgrading.
65 Francois Bissey


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