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From: Redouane Boumghar <redouane.boumghar@×××××××××.fr>
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Subject: Re: [gentoo-science] RFC: modeling software
Date: Thu, 07 Feb 2008 19:49:27
In Reply to: [gentoo-science] RFC: modeling software by Justin Findlay
1 Hello everyone,
3 Justing, what do you mean by RFC ?
4 Is that about Rational Function Camera or Rational Function Coefficient ?
5 So you may need to model what a camera would see and I assume this can
6 be part of an astrophysical project using a rational function model.
7 But it seems you have to simulation nova stars effect on planetary motion,
8 and is there a best way to do that ?
10 Every little thing interacts with any little thing.
11 In my opinion, what is usually done is that researchers code their model
12 themselves in C/C++ (or other) using computional libraries and output files
13 that can be visualized in 3D using tools as VTK and others.
15 If you need animations and that you are ready to code a bit in python
16 to interpret your data into an animation, then you may use blender (
19 If you have resolved the equations by hand, I assume your problem is only
20 about multimedia generation ?
22 Red.
25 Justin Findlay wrote:
26 > I'm doing some computational astrophysics research, specifically
27 > modeling the effect of star novas on planetary motion and my problem is
28 > that I don't know the best way to do this.
29 >
30 > The nature of this research consists of my extending a model already
31 > developed by my advisor, and the problem is that I want to translate
32 > this model into a simulation and I don't know what software to use. My
33 > advisor has given me full discretion in using whatever tools I need, so
34 > I thought I'd ask here since I don't know where else to ask. Since he
35 > hasn't stipulated the use of any software to model the research I want
36 > to take this opportunity to get experience with some of the FLOSS
37 > projects out there.
38 >
39 > What software do you think would be most useful for this project?
40 >
41 >
42 > Justin
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