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Subject: Re: [gentoo-science] gnuplot + python
Date: Sat, 07 Jul 2007 17:05:52
In Reply to: [gentoo-science] gnuplot + python by "Matías Graña"
1 Matías Graña wrote:
2 > Hi; I'm doing some easy 3D plotting these days and I've come to this
3 > situation. I just need to plot a few dots in 3D-space. I've been using
4 > gnuplot for this, as it allows to rotate the picture with the mouse,
5 > giving a good impression of where the dots actually are.
6 > So far so good, but now I want it to interact with the python code I use
7 > to compute the position of the dots. There's gnuplot-py for this, but it
8 > seems to have the problem that once it launches a window, gnuplot does
9 > not listen to mouse clickings on it. So I can tell my python program to
10 > draw the dots, but then I can't rotate them as I could within a gnuplot
11 > session.
12 >
13 > So, I'm looking to either
14 > a) a way to have an interaction between gnuplot and python, or
15 > b) another program/library that can be launched from python and able to
16 > plot 3D dots and rotate them with the mouse.
17 >
18 > Any insight or advice is welcome.
19 >
20 > Thanks,
21 > Matías
23 There are oodles of scientific interfaces to Python. I'm guessing there
24 is at least one that will do this. I'm not a Pythonista, however, I'm a
25 Rubyist, so I can't give you any names, or tell you whether what you
26 want to do is in Portage or not. One you might want to check is Sage
27 ( Another is StatPy
28 (
30 However, this is a very common mode of interaction in exploratory data
31 analysis, and just about every statistics package out there can do this.
32 xlisp-stat used to be in Portage, but it's in Lisp. And R is in Portage
33 for sure and is what *I* use to do this sort of thing. If you don't mind
34 learning another language, I'd recommend R.
36 There is supposedly an R-Python interface available, but since I don't
37 know Python, I've never bothered to check it out. If you want to go this
38 way, do a Google search for "RSPython".
39 --
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