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From: Preston Cody <codeman@g.o>
To: gentoo-scire@l.g.o, Rodrigo Lazo <rlazo.paz@×××××.com>
Subject: [gentoo-scire] scire status update for the weekend.
Date: Mon, 23 Jul 2007 04:37:47
Hi all,
I just wanted to note the changes I've made this weekend to keep
everyone on the same page (especially Rodrigo since he seems to be the
only other one actively hacking at the code now).
Most of my changes relate to dynamic tags and sequences.  Sequences
allow for greater choice in the number of DB types available, and are
necessary for some things here.  Unfortunately there is not any clean
python ADOdb code for the client addition sequence, so I had to hack
the sequel together.  I will test that as soon as I can get vmware to
behave again, because I bet there are issues.

To summarize for those who don't troll -commits with a gimli
highlight, i'll paste my commit messages below.
Rodrigo, let me know if anything I've done conflicts with things
you're working on.


revision 234:
phpgacl_seed.sql and scire.sql and
adding back in the sequences DB code
adding in some code that will hopefully allow clients to
once-again be inserted.

scire.sql and script.tpl
changing the dyn_tags table to use scriptid instead of jobid
fixing up the script creation section.  still a work in progress.

added sequences for jobs and scripts.
make jobs and scripts not auto_increment anymore.
this will require those who have the tables made to drop and rebuild.

adding seed data for the jobs and scripts sequences.

in DB.php:
  added get_next_id to grab the next id from a sequence
  added now to insert the timestamp in whatever DB format.
in DB_functions.php:
  added get_client_statuses() for clients pages
  modified add_client and add_job to use $db->now()
  fixed add_job to use the sequence. made the code simpler.
  fixed clients and clientgroups addition.
  heavily modified the script addition. uses sequence
  also adds tags passed to it now.

client.tpl and script.tpl
small changes.  for script, use the id and name of scripts, now passed in.
previously the id wasn't there.
for client.tpl, use the statuses gathered.

lots of changes here.
adding dynamic tags submission to the script.

implemented the continue button which parses the script
looking for tags, and when the page reloads it shows the tags
so you can set default values.
add the perm id

add the statuses as a var for the template to use.

commented out the parser for the time being so the job will commit.
rlazo, feel free to uncomment for your use.
added exception.
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