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From: Arun Raghavan <ford_prefect@g.o>
To: gentoo-scm@l.g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-scm] Status
Date: Fri, 02 Jul 2010 17:31:30
In Reply to: Re: [gentoo-scm] Status by Arun Raghavan
On 4 April 2010 11:56, Arun Raghavan <ford_prefect@g.o> wrote:
> I wrote up a set of patches, but it needs some changes. The relevant > part of the discussion is here: > > > To summarise, the patches I submitted need to add a command-line > argument to upload-pack that provides a pre-/post-upload hook (instead > of picking them up from the standard .git/hooks), and use that from > Gitosis. Adding the argument should be quite simple, but I haven't > been able to get the time to set up Gitosis locally to actually test > such a patch.
I spoke about how we would go about doing this with upstream at. The IRC logs are at: - grep for Ford_Prefect, Ilari and sitaram for the relevant bits. At the end of this discussion, it appears that adding a command line parameter to upload-pack and passing this from git-shell (which is invoked by gitolite) is the way to go. Still needs some analysis to make sure we aren't opening up a vulnerability. I've not had time to put this together, and don't see myself getting the time for another month and a half, so if someone wants to take this up, please feel free to do so. I'd be happy to clarify what I can on IRC or right here. Cheers, -- Arun Raghavan (Ford_Prefect | Gentoo) & (arunsr | GNOME)