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From: Robert Buchholz <rbu@g.o>
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Cc: "Robin H. Johnson" <robbat2@g.o>
Subject: Re: [gentoo-scm] gentoo-x86 on git - Manifests
Date: Fri, 20 Feb 2009 10:50:14
In Reply to: Re: [gentoo-scm] gentoo-x86 on git - Manifests by "Robin H. Johnson"
On Friday 20 February 2009, Robin H. Johnson wrote:
> Remember that Portage will only verify hashes that exist in the file. > If they aren't in the file, they don't get verified. The fix you > describe is unneeded.
If you use FEATURES=-digest, Portage refuses to build when there are files missing in the Manifest: # cat /usr/portage/media-libs/libpng/Manifest DIST libpng-1.2.33.tar.lzma 513430 RMD160 698d164edf37e5aab729dfe64b226ddcacf709dd SHA1 a57e150ecc0746225b3aead1a2e1bc89be021584 SHA256 4393786a311435012bde31f99177303d6caa83b0ee2847f8eb24ddc3fdd93888 DIST libpng-1.2.34.tar.lzma 514210 RMD160 e30f07c97130f53b7a9f13f10c03c6667750c407 SHA1 ac4cc4f136c08fdaa627391ea4d54ff192adfeb0 SHA256 199052e53ee03c529db106c4f72ffeb741e6a539e6d969d33ba1543a2396792d # emerge libpng Calculating dependencies... done!
>>> Verifying ebuild manifests
!!! A file is not listed in the Manifest: '/usr/portage/media-libs/libpng/libpng-1.2.33.ebuild' If you use FEATURES=digest, Portage ignores missing lines or errors in the Manifest completely. So either overlays must ship full Manifests or Portage would need a feature to fix slim Manifests. However, this opens a bit of a conflict: On the one hand, you want to recreate broken Manifests on as few file trees as possible, since this will shadow errors or manipulation[1], on the other hand you need to recreate it for overlays that are missing the entries. This could be solved by adding a file to each tree that states whether it comes with slim or full Manifests and whether regeneration is needed or not. In case of signed trees, this file must be signed as well. Repoman could even check the existence of that file and add or remove Manifest entries based on that so you could use this tool to work on new-style Manifest git repositories and old-style Manifest svn repositories. Robert [1] Just think you have a signed tree, but someone managed to sneak in a bash-4.0.ebuild and Portage just ignores the missing signed Manifest.


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