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Subject: RE: [gentoo-security] Running untrusted software
Date: Wed, 18 Jan 2006 15:34:58
A good host based IDS  (file integrity monitoring system) would record any system level changes made. IT should be fairly trivial to start of with a sterile environment prior to running your CSA and inspecting the environment afterwards.

Try Tripwire or AID.

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I am being forced to run software on my computer that I do not
inherently trust. It is supposed to collect a few pieces of information,
mainly my mac addresses and use the network. It is a one-time use CSA
(client security agent). It uses a csh script to unpack a "proprietary
binary" that we cannot see the source. There is no assurance it doesn't
collect other information or change anything on my computer.

I was curious as to what is the best way to handle this and situations
like these. In this instance, I was assuming downloading, and running on
a LiveCD would seem like the best policy. What if it uses methods to
discover that and I need to run it on my real installation? Is a chroot
jail the next best thing? As far as I know, to make a chroot jail I
merely copy programs and libraries inside a folder with the proper /
hierarchy and chroot into it. Is it more complex than this and are there
any guides?

Any and all suggestions are welcome.

Thank you,
Douglas Breault Jr.

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