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Subject: Re: [gentoo-security] Encryption Ciphers
Date: Sat, 01 Mar 2008 02:37:51
In Reply to: Re: [gentoo-security] Encryption Ciphers by Dan Reidy
1 On 080301 at 01:51, Dan Reidy wrote:
2 > I've never done any benchmarks myself, however a few years back I did read
3 > up on which crytpo engine would be best for a large hard disk or partition.
4 > I do remember clearly that there is a bug in AES's block cyper that causes
5 > it to repeat keys on large disks/partitions. This "feature" could make it
6 > easier for your key to be cracked. I personally use Twofish 256 with
7 > SHA256, ive never tried any other hash method. I also use Serpent on my
8 > swap, for no other reason than to try something different - and it's a cool
9 > name. (flame on!).
11 You may be talking about a generic problem when using a block cipher in CBC mode.
12 The block size of a block cipher limits the total amount of data that
13 can be encrypted using a single key, without reducing security.
15 See also:
17 I'm pretty sure that there is no such bug in AES itself. A known
18 problem however is the susceptibility to side-channel attacks:
20 Ciphers can be designed to avoid side-channel attacks, but NIST(sadly)
21 did not care about this problem during the AES contest.
24 About other algorithms...3DES is still considered very secure due to
25 the very extensive review. AES is very new in comparison, but has also
26 been heavily reviewed due to its status as encryption standard. The
27 other AES finalists are probably about as secure. But if you want to
28 use a different algorithm, or mode, adjust how a cipher is used or
29 combine it with other ciphers, you should *really* know your stuff.
30 And even then, you will probably miss something and the result will be
31 less secure.
34 128bit are considered secure for the next several years. Its much
35 easier and cheaper to guess your password, steal your usb-key or
36 threaten your family than to break a 128 bit key by bruteforce. If you
37 are afraid of quantum computers or aliens, you may want to choose
38 256bit.
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