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Subject: Re: [gentoo-security] Out of air
Date: Wed, 10 Nov 2004 02:23:13
In Reply to: [gentoo-security] Out of air (was: Let's blow the whistle) by Peter Simons
1 Peter Simons wrote:
2 > Furthermore, several people have complained that I would be
3 > too confrontational and that I should phrase my messages
4 > more politely if I wanted something to happen about this.
5 > Here is a nice analogy that IMHO puts that into perspective:
6 > You are a car manufacturer and you receive a phone call from
7 > someone who informs you that the breaks in your latest model
8 > have a design flaw that may result in them failing, thus
9 > potentially killing all passengers. And the person who
10 > reports this is really, really rude. Does that mean you
11 > shouldn't fix you breaks?
13 Still.. being polite would be at least fair.
14 Of course you realize that you didn't pay for Gentoo so I think
15 you should phrase you messages, respect the commitment and work
16 of the dev's. Even so you have a point on your messages.
18 Is not what you said is the way you say it
20 -- RNuno
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