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From: Koon <koon@××××××.net>
To: gentoo-security@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-security] Kernel-related GLSA lag
Date: Mon, 01 Mar 2004 16:27:31
1 Hi everyone,
3 From what I know, the GLSA announcing the Feb 18 do_mremap kernel
4 vulnerability is still not out, though most (if not all) of the packages
5 implementing the correction are available in portage. I think we've a
6 problem here which should be addressed.
8 I've heard it was delayed so that it can include several more
9 corrections. I think it's a mistake, this vulnerability is important
10 enough so that a delay of more than 12 days is not acceptable... I
11 obviously missed something here, maybe there is another reason I don't
12 know of, is it is so please tell me ;)
14 It's not the first time that a kernel-related GLSA has a significant lag
15 between discovery and release. There are two different directions in
16 solving this problem :
18 1/ we acknowledge that a specific GLSA should have been released on this
19 specific problem ASAP, and take steps to avoid the problem next time
21 2/ we keep the "the less GLSA the better" approach which leads to big
22 lags in all kernel, then we need a different alert mecanism so that
23 people can be warned of the problem
25 In situation (1) there should be a maximum acceptable delay in the GLSA
26 policy, so that a GLSA can wait some time for validation and
27 consolidation, but not too much. In situation (2) we need another
28 communication medium (security alerts as opposed to security advisories)
29 to warn people in advance. Advisories can still be delayed so that they
30 include "the definitive fix(TM)", but cumulative warnings can be sent
31 out the moment the vulnerability is discovered and the minute corrective
32 vanilla-sources packages are available in portage.
34 If the policy is already there but there wasn't enough manpower to
35 enforce it, then maybe the gentoo-security herd should recruit ;)
37 I would like your input on the subject. Sorry for those who already read
38 some of this rant on gentoo-dev, that was off-topic there, and thanks to
39 Mike for pointing me to the right place (although I didn't really find a
40 recent thread to shamelessly plug into) :)
42 PS : glsa-test shows a 200402-09 GLSA dated Feb 18 on the subject, but
43 apparently it didn't make it upstream.
45 - Koon
48 --
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