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From: "W.Kenworthy" <billk@×××××××××.au>
To: gentoo-security@l.g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-security] org-x11 GLSA 200509-07. Is bug #96053 fixed in -r3? (black icons)
Date: Thu, 15 Sep 2005 22:46:48
Message-Id: 1126823938.23855.115.camel@bunyip
In Reply to: Re: [gentoo-security] org-x11 GLSA 200509-07. Is bug #96053 fixed in -r3? (black icons) by Mike Owen
Its broken for those who use openoffice and numerous other applications
that use the transparency option.  In OO, most of the icons have a black
background, and some slides in the presentation client are also affected
for me.  As I use my gentoo laptop to give presentations its a show
stopper. (When I first loaded it up, it looked OK, but then when I
loaded the presentation in public it became "what OS is that - god its
ugly ..., why dont you use ..." - nothing like a public fiasco to drive
home gentoo's shortcomings :( )

Ive fixed it for my self (as Ive previously described), but what about
the new or average user which is why I originally brought it up?  My
needs are covered, its "gentoo" itself that I think is being

In any case, this is getting even further off-topic for the security
list.  Check the bug.


On Thu, 2005-09-15 at 14:21 -0700, Mike Owen wrote:
> On 9/14/05, William Kenworthy <billk@×××××××××.au> wrote: > > Security caused the only working version of xorg to be removed from > > portage. > > My xorg-x11 install is working just fine. Using -r3 here, and I'm not > having any problems with it. xorg-x11 may be broken for some users, > but for many of us, it works perfectly. > > Mike >
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