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Subject: Re : [gentoo-security] Running app-admin/syslog-ng withoutrootprivileges
Date: Thu, 17 Nov 2005 14:05:49
1 > I ran syslog-ng as a non-root user once before, but now I run it as
2 > root. From what I can remember, syslog-ng opened /proc/kmsg before
3 > dropping privileges, however when you sent the HUP signal (i.e. after
4 > running logrotate) it closed all the files and reopened them again.
5 > Because it no longer had root permissions, it couldn't
6 > reopen /proc/kmsg.
8 This looks like a design problem.
10 > If /proc/kmsg was group readable and the group was set to a special
11 > logger group, then I don't see why syslog-ng couldn't be run as a
12 > non-root user.
14 Yes.
15 Searching for more info I saw that syslog-ng is able to chroot it self.
16 But the problem is the same when you want him to re-read its configuration file by sending the SIGHUP signal...
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