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From: Jing Huang <jing.huang.pku@×××××.com>
To: lu_zero@g.o, gentoo-soc@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-soc] Final report for cross_container_support project
Date: Tue, 21 Aug 2012 15:10:31
1 Hi,
3 This is my final report of my project.
5 The goals have been achieved:
7 1. Get a lxc setup working
8 a) Prepare a simple script that generates a working normal lxc
9 container from a gentoo stage3
10 b) Update the LXC wiki page:
12 2. Integrate the lxc and qemu-user
13 a) Make the script working for a qemu-user stage and create
14 the ARM chroot
15 b) Fix qemu-linux issues.
16 The three patches have been accepted by the qemu community:
17 * git commit aebf5bc727fa1837b3c5296c5325b560f19ed9ee
18 * git commit 920394db819e30fbbfa527f25e45360061d1a220
19 * git commit ca6190673c90e283897740b243f6508055c9de5a
21 3. Find the way to run dynamic-linked host program in arm chroot
22 a) Investigate dynamic library linker
23 b) Replacing native packages over the qemu-user lxc
25 4. Intergrate crossdev, lxc and qemu-user
26 a) Get accustomed to crossdev and update the wiki page:
28 b) Overriding GNU toolchain with native packages and run native
29 cross compiler in chroot
30 c) Automate the whole process in a script:
32 d) Compare the results with emulated gcc with "time make -j2"
33 test program: iputils-s20101006
34 result: emulated gcc(19.813s) native cross gcc(1.379s)
36 test: linux-kernel 3.6-rc2 (with same .config)
37 result: emulated gcc(11m39.046s) native cross gcc(1m17.106s)
40 My work also has some limits. The script doesn't support X86_64
41 and hardcods some gnu toolchain paths and gcc version. I will continue
42 to address these problems.
44 I am thankful to the Gentoo Community and Luca for giving me the
45 chance to be a gentooer. It is very cool to do this project. This
46 project also gives me a very strong sense of achievement, especially
47 at the moment that the native cross gcc running in chroot. I believe I
48 can do as a hacker^_^
51 Jing.