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From: wiktor w brodlo <wiktor@××××××.net>
To: gentoo-soc@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-soc] Gentoo Anaconda progress report 2011-06-19
Date: Sun, 19 Jun 2011 23:14:25
Hi Gentooers!


Gentoo Anaconda is a fork of Sabayon Anaconda which is a fork of
Fedora/Red Hat Anaconda. Anaconda is an installer for Linux disros,
originally for Fedora/RH but now it's distro-independent and many
other distros use it as their installer. Sabayon is a binary distro
based on Gentoo.

*Progress so far*

I have finally managed to get Anaconda to run on the LiveDVD and touch
the actual code :-)
So far I've only done some basic branding tasks (like renaming the
installer the “Gentoo Installer” instead of “Sabayon Installer”). I've
had some trouble with openiscsi and patching Anaconda's internal audit
and libselinux from the ebuild, but I've managed to get it working
after all. I figured out that Anaconda also requires Sabayon's package
manager, Entropy, but it was not in *DEPEND. After installing it from
the Sabayon overlay, Anaconda booted up with no trouble. I will NOT be
putting Entropy into anaconda-overlay, so in order to install Anaconda
one needs to install entropy from the Sabayon overlay first. At least
for now, I will of course remove the unneeded dependency later (in the
next term, this term is already PACKED).

In the coming week, I'm going to start real coding. I need to work
fast to get back into the schedule but I'm still positive I can make
it. Of course the difficulty went up, but it's not all the way up to

Good luck, all.
~ wiktor.