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From: Josh Grebe <squash@g.o>
To: Jason Wever <weeve@g.o>
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Subject: Re: [gentoo-sparc] Dueling ebuilds?
Date: Wed, 27 Oct 2004 20:53:02
In Reply to: Re: [gentoo-sparc] Dueling ebuilds? by Jason Wever
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I'd just like to chime in real quick... I've written a short bash script
that has proven to be pretty good at crashing my SMP/SCI boxes on 2.6,
it seems that UP/IDE systems are OK but I'm not sure which part of that
equation makes the difference.  It is just a little script that copies
the portage tree around and tars/untars it.  On my boxes, it always dies
on copying /usr/portage over (seperate disks) and I don't think I've
ever made it to 10 iterations.

Anyone who has time/ability please run this script and send me the
results and I'll tally them up, maybe someone can even get an OOPS.


Here is the script. I always clear out /usr/portage/distfiles before I
run it.

mkdir /var/tmp/crash
cd /var/tmp/crash
while [ 1 ]
~        echo -n "Copying /usr/portage to /var/tmp/crash "
~        date
~        mkdir portage
~        cp -R /usr/portage/* portage/
~        echo -n "Create tarfile "
~        date
~        tar cf portage.tar portage
~        echo -n "Removin portage "
~        date
~        rm -r portage
~        echo -n "Untar "
~        date
~        tar xf portage.tar
~        echo -n  "Removing portage "
~        date
~        rm -r portage
~        let X=$X+1
~        echo -n "Run ${X} completed "
~        date


Jason Wever wrote:
| On Wed, 27 Oct 2004, Andrew Gaffney wrote:
|>> Maybe you're Ultra 2 just doesn't like you :) My U2 has been using
|>> kernel 2.6.6 for atleast a month since I did the initial install and I
|>> haven't had a problem. Currently, its uptime is 11 days (since the
|>> last time the power went out here). Although, it isn't doing much. The
|>> U2 is only acting as the router for my cable internet connection.
| Most of the stability issues seem to come from high i/o and/or CPU
| loads. As with Gentoo typically people are doing a lot of compiling on a
| semi-regular basis, it's pretty good at causing this to happen.  With
| some kernels, a nightly run of updatedb is enough to lock it up, and
| with others it'll run fine but die say unpacking a portage tarball.
| If you don't beat the system up too much typically it seems to run fine.
| On a slight side note, is your Ultra 2 UP or SMP?
| -- Jason Wever
| Gentoo/Sparc Co-Team Lead

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