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From: "张韡武" <zhangweiwu@××××××.com>
To: gentoo-sparc@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-sparc] updated list of problems I got after upgrading kernel to 2.6
Date: Mon, 18 Dec 2006 13:42:32
I know such message may be a bit noise to gurus on this list, but as a
newbie I constantly find searching other people's old post might help,
so I just write done solution to all problems I have solved, hoping it
can help the next newbie lurking on this list or coming to this list by
googling around.

     I. [solved] keyboard doesn't work: solved, need to adjust keymap
        (thank you for suggested this);
    II. [solved] not able to access /dev/hda, probably new kernel
        does not recognise on-board IDE controller. Related kernel
        parameter I configured are:
             I. CONFIG_SUN_PARTITION: y
        ==> solution is to activate CONFIG_BLK_DEV_CMD64X kernel option

   III. [working on it] parallel port stopped working, it behave
        like /dev/null (swallow all input to it, no error message,
        printer no response). /dev/lp0 is not mentioned in dmesg. I
        remember on 2.4 kernel I use "PC-style Parallel Port" and it
        works in ECP mode. Related kernel parameter I configured are:
             I. CONFIG_PARPORT: y
            II. CONFIG_PARPORT_PC: y
            IV. CONFIG_PARPORT_1284: y
        ==> progress: after re-creating /dev/lp0 node it works a bit better
            dmesg | head -n 4 > /dev/lp0 would print something out
            dmesg | head -n 40 > /dev/lp0 would hang the OS
            my plan: next step is to text various parameter of parport

    IV. [solved] USB Printer do not work. dmesg shows it detected
        USB Printer but no device appear in /dev/usb. Related Kernel
             I. CONFIG_USB_PRINTER: y
        ==> solution is to run this command as root:
            # mknode /dev/usblp0 c 180 0
            and set cups to use /dev/usblp0 for printer

     V. [working on it] all ALSA sound driver are enabled, dmesg
        said Sun CS4231 is detected and use irq 10. Try to play mp3 file
        using madplay, it hangs there after display song title, no sound
        output, kill -TERM and kill -KILL cannot remove the dead
        mplayer. Related kernel config:
             I. CONFIG_SND: y
            II. CONFIG_SND_SUN_CS4231: y


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