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From: Hamish Greig <hgreig@×××××××××××.au>
To: gentoo-sparc@l.g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-sparc] Another quiet question
Date: Tue, 12 Feb 2008 01:34:05
In Reply to: RE: [gentoo-sparc] Another quiet question by Leif Sawyer
Leif, lose the attitude. You are asking questions of this list and 
asking the list to do work ascertaining what you have done and what you 
are capable of doing. Please read
We know nothing of your problems except that you can cut and paste 
errors. I am not offended by your terseness, just frustrated that you 
aren't being forthcoming with more information, which would allow people 
to immediately help or state inability to help past where you have 
already got to. The extra information you have given below doesn't 
particularly help and as I think you want the problem fixed I suggest 
you become involved in the solution instead of expecting a solution to 
be given to you because you are using gentoo's product. Open source tech 
support doesn't work like that unless you have a support contract (== $$$)

Leif Sawyer wrote:
> Hamish Greig [mailto:hgreig@×××××××××××.au] >> I think the reason no-one responds to your posts are because >> they are not structured in any methodical way. No sequence >> showing how you've already tried to investigate the problem, >> just a post asking for an answer, which doesn't get a lot of >> respect from people who've taken time and effort to learn >> things already. > > I'm sorry that my terseness offends your sensibilities. All > the information that I had available was in the post, i.e., > gcc failed to build. > >> What more than this dump can you tell us about this error? > > it's reproducable. it's not caused by OOM, but obviously by > a build-level error, because certain objects that the source > code thinks should be available, aren't. Perhaps looking at > the detail I provided a bit closer might reveal that fact, in > an obvious sort of manner (i.e., an ld error) > >> What have you already done to investigate it? what level of >> skill do you have in this area? are we expected to fix it for >> you step by step or to guide you to a resolution? > > Since I'm neither a maintainer, nor a GCC developer, but simply > a gentoo-sparc user, my job is to report the bugs that I see. > > If you are a developer or maintainer, one might questions the > validity in your stance of attacking users for not providing > the information that -you- feel is needed, instead of simply > asking for additional detail. > > It's no wonder the list is dry and gentoo is losing it's path.
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