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Subject: [gentoo-sparc] Re: [Repost] Ultra2 SMP freezes with heavy disk I/O
Date: Wed, 21 Mar 2007 11:41:43
On Wed, 2007-03-21 at 10:53 +0100, bertrand wrote:
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> >> > >> JKB > > > > This is a problem with U2+kernel-2.6.x generally. Unfortunately, I > > have no suggestions nor do I have a solution. I just grit my teeth and > > stay with the kernel-2.4.x series, which are completely stable on U2, > > so far as I can tell. > > What is your U2 configuration ? I have only one U2 and I cannot test on > this station because it's a mail server :-( In fact, I think it should > be interesting to know if this trouble come from SMP, ESP or Sbus > support. It is impossible to build a kernel with debug information (it > does not boot due to a address not aligned...), but I have tested the > same kernel on a U1E (with the same ESP chip and two additional > HappyMeal Ethernet cards on Sbus slots). It perfectly works. Can you try > a 2.6 on U2 without SMP support ? > > Regards, > > JKB
I have 2 U2's; U2(2x300), U2(2x400). The SMP doesn't matter, though; U2 with 2.6.x will freeze eventually even if a uniprocessor. SMP just lets it fail more quickly. Problem is believed to be SCSI or Sbus, I think, but I don't know that anyone is sure. The kernel people have known about this for well over a year, but no fix. For more current information, you might ask squash@g.o or weeve@g.o --- I haven't tried 2.6 on U2 for a while because no one has claimed to have a fix for this problem. (Gentoo spent a lot of time on this freeze a few months ago, but no satisfaction. I am sure, though, that we ruled out SMP as the problem.)
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Regards, -- Ferris McCormick (P44646, MI) <fmccor@g.o> Developer, Gentoo Linux (Devrel, Sparc)


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