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From: Ricardo Saffi Marques <saffi@××××××××××××××.br>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o, gentoo-user-br@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-user-br] Gentoo Bug Day
Date: Sat, 05 Jul 2008 13:51:41
Just as a reminder:

What: Gentoo contributors get together to help each other fix bugs

Where:, #gentoo-bugs

When: Saturday, July 5, in a timezone near you

What do you need to bring?

     * A Gentoo system, an Internet connection and an IRC client
     * Your bug. If you don't have one, we will find you one to suit your area of interest and your 
     * Your favorite editor
     * A way to test that your bug is fixed (asking people counts!)
     * You don't need to know C, C++, or bash

What's a bug? Gentoo's way of tracking change requests. A change request can be anything from "I've 
found a typo in foo" to "I've built this really useful program called bar but there's no ebuild for 
it." Bugs have various levels of helpfulness, from identifying the existence of a problem to 
localizing the problem to providing the patch to fix it.

There are bugs in documentation such as man pages as well as ebuilds and the source code that Gentoo 
distributes. These bugs are problem reports. Bugs for things Gentoo doesn't do yet but you think 
should be done are feature requests. Bugday is more about fixing problems than adding features, but 
you won't be turned away if you want help with a new feature.

Want to know more about Bugday? It's held on the first Saturday of every month. It's an opportunity 
for everyone to contribute to making Gentoo better, and eventually you might even become a Gentoo 
developer. See the Bugday project page for more details.

Bugday is about community spirit. Gentoo is a community—there is no "me" and "them", there is only 
"we," so instead of lobbying for "them" to fix your particular bug, work together to fix it! Bugday 
is an opportunity to get help to help yourself.

If you've been wanting to get involved but weren't sure how, Bugday is a great way for you to see 
what goes on in making a distribution and get involved in Gentoo.

Ricardo Saffi Marques
Laboratory of System Administration and Security - LAS
Institute of Computing - IC
P.O. Box: 6176
University of Campinas - UNICAMP
13083-852, Campinas, SP, Brazil

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