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Subject: Re: [gentoo-user] What can cause printer to crop top of page?
Date: Thu, 21 Dec 2017 15:16:53
Message-Id: 20171221151632.ikstzdasr4ga4g5w@solfire
In Reply to: [gentoo-user] What can cause printer to crop top of page? by Mick
1 On 12/21 02:20, Mick wrote:
2 > I've been using a Brother "HL-3140CW" model with the net-print/brother-
3 > hl3140cw-bin-1.1.4 driver from the brother-overlay.
4 >
5 > Since I moved to profile 17.0 (I think) pages are being cropped at the top
6 > when printing from various applications (LOWriter, Okular, etc.) on different
7 > PCs.
8 >
9 > In LOWriter I had to set a 35mm margin at the top, to be able to get just 13mm
10 > at the top of the physical A4 paper, before the top line of text is printed.
11 >
12 > I have used the Plasma systemsettings5 for printers as well as the http GUI of
13 > the printer to see if anything is amiss, but I can't find anything I can
14 > change to restore the page alignment as it was a couple of weeks ago.
15 >
16 > The OEM online help pages suggest to adjust the margins on the application
17 > you're are printing from.
18 >
19 > Any idea what has brought about this change and how I may be able to revert
20 > it? Have you noticed anything similar?
21 >
22 > --
23 > Regards,
24 > Mick
27 Hi Mick,
29 a shot into the dark:
30 Would it be possible, that not the profile as such has caused the
31 problem but the recompilation of such a lot of applications?
33 May be a default setup has discarded a path setting to your personal
34 settings of the application in question.
36 Try the following: "Fail and win" :)
38 Begin with the application, which is the one with is nearest to the
39 user -- for example the word processor or office syit.
40 Find the personal settings of that application and make a backyp of
41 it to a save place.
43 Load the config file/the ocnfig files and corrupt them (yes!).
45 Start the application.
47 If the application fails: Your settings will not be ignored.
48 If the application runs fine: You have found the application,
49 which was reset to "factory settings" via the recompilation.
51 Until you find that application step forward into the direction
52 of the printer (so to say) in choosing the application.
54 If you have found the application, which ignores ytour personal
55 setting you may have found the culprit.
57 From the backup restore the settings then start the application and
58 point it to uour settings.
60 Restart the application.
62 May be this way you can figure out, what has happen.
64 Cheers
65 Meino


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