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From: Alex Schuster <wonko@×××××××××.org>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-user] ATI X trouble, again
Date: Fri, 23 Oct 2009 12:15:33
1 Hi there!
3 Now all this X stuff is becoming really annoying. I struggled for days to
4 get it to work again after the upgrade to 1.6. I have a Radeon HD3200 and
5 tried using fglrx, radeon, radeonhd, vesa, or no xorg.conf at all. I got a
6 blank screen only and no apparent errors in the Xorg log. So it seems X was
7 running fine, apart from having a blank screen.
9 I had similar problems when I started with this machine half a year ago.
10 With every update of kernel, X or ati-drivers, I fear that my X will not
11 work when I reboot. And half of the times this is true. For some three years
12 before I had an old NVidia card, and experienced the same. But then I could
13 just change driver from nvidia to nv and got X running, just without
14 acceleration. What is quite annoying with my ATI card is that often I cannot
15 go back to text mode then I try something new in my xorg.conf, and have to
16 reboot. I know about Alt-SysRq-R, this works sometimes (but only once, not
17 if I start X again), and sometimes it does not.
19 The good news is, that with 2.6.31-tuxonice and ati-drivers-9.9-r2 suddenly
20 all is working perfectly. For this time, let's see what the next update will
21 do.
23 But there is this machine of a friend which I just updated. She did not do
24 this for about a year, mostly because she also had lots of troubles in
25 configuring her X. She needs a working TV-out, which complicates things even
26 more. And so she did not dare to change her working setup, I can understand
27 this.
29 Now I upgraded the machine, which was some trouble, too, many blockers and
30 such. That's done, all is perfectly fine I think. But I did that from
31 remote, now I tried to start X. Guess what happened. No apparent errors with
32 radeon, radeonhd or without xorg.conf, but the screen just goes blank, the
33 TFT enters suspend mode. With vesa, X hangs so I cannot go back into text
34 mode and have to reboot.
35 I replaced her TFT with a CRT monitor. Same result, whether I configure this
36 monitor or not, when I start X it complains about bad frequencies.
38 I did not try ati-drivers. Her card is a RV505 (Radeon X1550 Series) which
39 is no longer supported by current ati-drivers. Older drivers might still
40 work for a while, but only with kernels < 2.6.29. And I suspect the problem
41 is not the driver itself, because radeon does not work, too, and I also had
42 similar problems of a blank screen with an ATI card and different drivers.
44 Today is her birthday, I intended to present her the updated PC with
45 accelerated X and KDE4, but now she cannot use it at all.
47 Any idea what do to now? Apart from buying a new graphics adapter, which
48 might work, or might not work. Or trying more monitors. The xorg.conf and
49 some log files are here, in case someone wants to have a look:
52 Thanks,
53 Wonko


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