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Subject: Re: [gentoo-user] {OT} High capacity backup plan needed
Date: Sat, 09 Aug 2008 11:36:27
In Reply to: [gentoo-user] {OT} High capacity backup plan needed by Grant
1 Grant schrieb:
2 > I'm struggling to come up with a plan for making backups that is both
3 > effective and economical. I have 4 Gentoo systems:
4 >
5 > 1. strong local desktop
6 > 2. weak local desktop
7 > 3. laptop
8 > 4. hosted remote server
9 >
10 > I'd like to backup the important system and data files from each of
11 > these systems, plus my entire (growing) music collection which is
12 > stored on system #1. I'd like these backups to be safe in case of
13 > fire, theft, hard drive crash, etc. The system and data files are not
14 > a problem to encrypt, archive, store, and rsync across systems #1 and
15 > #4 because their size is relatively small. However, my music
16 > collection is big and growing and I'd like to have 1TB available for
17 > it. I'm not sure how to handle that.
18 [...]
19 > I could set up NAS storage at a friend's place. We both have
20 > Suddenlink cable connections so the throughput should be alright. I
21 > don't like running a non-Gentoo system though, even if it is just NAS.
22 > Plus he uses a Netgear router which needs to be reset periodically.
24 The router is a problem, but one which can be solved by buying a
25 replacement (which should be cheap compared with the costs for a NAS or
26 a 1TB disk.
28 Concerning the NAS, why don't you build one yourself? It's no more than
29 4 HDDs, a cheap system and an NFS- or Samba- and SSH-server, really.
31 >
32 > In addition, I think I would periodically backup the encrypted system
33 > and data files to DVD and store a copy in two locations.
34 >
36 1TB in 4.7GB-packets? I don't think this is feasible. At least I know
37 that _I_ wouldn't do this more than a few times a year. A single HDD is
38 a better solution, IMHO.
40 > Any thoughts?
42 Why not buying three external HDDs with eSATA or Firewire-connection?
43 Keep one attached to system #1, one in your car and one at a different
44 place you visit regularly and swap them once a week or so.


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