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Subject: [gentoo-user] Sharing printers via Cups
Date: Mon, 08 Feb 2021 05:40:35
1 Hey folks, I'm a bit lost on this, so I hope you can help me out.
3 I have a computer I want to act as the central print server for a
4 network. It would spool all jobs for all printers, and send them out to
5 the actual computers the printers are connected to, or to the printer
6 itself in the event of a printer directly connected to the network. To
7 start with, I have setup the server and added the printer connected to a
8 Windows 10 Home computer to it. After a bit of work, I managed to get it
9 so I can print a test page from cups and it comes out on the printer.
10 But when I try to connect another computer to the printer via the print
11 server, the other computer never sends it out. Just says the printer is
12 busy.
14 How can I set this up correctly? To describe exactly what I'm trying to
15 do, let's just use four computers in this example. A is the central
16 print server. B is the windows client with the printer. C and D are
17 linux machines. What I want is if either C or D print something, they
18 both send it to A, and then A sends it to B.
20 Thanks!


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