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From: James <wireless@×××××××××××.com>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-user] Re: CD ROM does not play audio CD's
Date: Sun, 29 Jun 2008 14:49:55
1 Joerg Schilling <Joerg.Schilling <at>> writes:
4 > Bloch did run these attacks in private mail.
6 Irrelevant for 99.999% of gentoo users...
9 > > I don't care about "credibility". I care about individual
10 statements.
11 > > As far as I have understood, the problem is not CDDL not being
12 free, but
13 > > being incompatible with the GPL in the particular build
14 system you
15 > > choose for cdrtools. So, I see no contradiction here. Maybe
16 I'm wrong,
17 > > but again, we want *proof*.
19 No, most users simply do not care. I have written several times
20 that the entire "license" issue is *horse shit*, imho.
22 Let the individual decide what they want to use. Give use choices.
23 I, for one, believe that the GPL is a giant conspiracy to keep the
24 poor and the lowest among us as serfs, unable to use open or free
25 software to make money. ALL of the licenses stink. BSD is the best,
26 but it has it's issues to. To me, if you publish sourcecode, it's
27 an open license to do what the hell I want with it. *period*.
29 I can say with with a clear conscious. We here where I exist, do
30 firmware, and NEVER use others' code. Most code, for embedded systems
31 is bloated and does not run as it should. In embedded, less is
32 always superior. So we do not make a single dime out of any
33 published code. Most of it sucks, compared to optimized, singularly
34 focused assembler/C. Our code is portable on a wide range of
35 of processors, because we read the data sheets of the processors and
36 optimized code, based on the strength of the given target. This
37 is the basis for the previous paragraph. The basis of publishing
38 code, that is portable, is for those less fortunate to be functional
39 within a networked community. Folks with money can purchase the
40 best. Folks with technical expertise can write software. Commoners
41 often do not understand the choices and are slave to advertisements.
43 So from where I sit all of this "hot air" surrounding open sources
44 is about jocking for control of the masses. If you want to truly
45 benefit the "common man" (the average computer illiterate) then
46 just publish the sources and let folks assimilate the code as they
47 see fit. *period*. Better yet, build a distro and tools that help
48 the commoners assimilate these softwares as the individual sees fit.
49 If you are contributing to opensource and receive a paycheck, then
50 do as you are told. But, *PLEASE* stop sling crap about the
51 purity of the GPL. Let your Harvard-MBA-idiot manager do that,
52 as that what he/she receives a paycheck for.
54 Jesus Christ, did not ordain GPL, so everyone should stop acting
55 like the GPL is some sort of "devine gift" (far from it as far as
56 I'm concerned). But GPL is OK. GPL is like a 5 year business plan.
57 I'm not so certain that CDDL is any better; but, *nobody cares*.
58 But since they publish sources, then use it
59 or not; let the individual decide. What I do not need or want
60 is some *sanctimonious prick* making this decision for me.
63 > If you claim that what I do with mkisofs is not legal, you
64 would need to
65 > prove this. As it seems that you cannot prove this claim,
66 please stop spreading
67 > it.
69 Maybe, you need to calm down and explain things for us commoners?
70 Clear and simple, leaving out the conspiracies and emotionalism?
72 Just clearly and simply post your offering and your work around.
74 After all, gentoo supports another system for package management
75 paludis, that is from another radical (whom I admire very much).
76 Portage/Paludis is at the very heart of Gentoo, yet the community
77 is strong enough to endure the choice and prosper. Surely you can
78 make simple technical (non emotional) arguments, build a package
79 and let us test it? I'd be curious if the gentoo leadership does not
80 allow you to put something into Sunrise....
82 Maybe state your technical && focused solution in a "howto" or a
83 wiki so we can install and test your offering. Put a link to all
84 of the emotional stuffage (mostly for your own benefit) and let the
85 wider gentoo community test your offering? After all, if you
86 win over the greater gentoo community, who cares about Suse, Redhat,
87 Sun or Redmond? They are irrelevant, from where I sit.
89 > Jörg
91 Your musings are your own burden. If you have a valid point,
92 make it, in a simple and clear form and package up your
93 wares so the "commoners" can use them on Gentoo.
94 As far as I'm aware, gentoo has project Sunrise and others where
95 users, commoners and the rest can put up packages that are not
96 sanctified by the *sanctimonious pricks* of the world.
99 Is your offering there?
101 In gentoo, you'll find many radicals that do not fit into any
102 other matrix, GPL included.
104 also, may the peace of Jesus Christ find you.
107 James
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