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From: "Hervé Guillemet" <hg@×××××××.fr>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-user] Mouse wheel makes firefox hang
Date: Mon, 27 Aug 2018 17:35:43
1 Thanks Mick for the suggestions.
3 > > After a recent system update I get this annoying strange behavior:
4 > > when scrolling in a firefox or thunderbird window with the mouse
5 > > wheel, the full X interface freezes for some seconds, then a system
6 > > beep is emitted and the interface unfreezes, but most of the time the
7 > > mouse cursor becomes invisible.
10 > If it is a BIOS beep, rather than a desktop/application sound, then
11 > you have some hardware problem. The recent update may have
12 > implemented some hardware acceleration rendering on the browser and
13 > this is putting pressure on your GPU, RAM, PSU. A single beep points
14 > to RAM, but I don't know all OEM's BIOS codes.
16 > I'd start by opening the cover and reseating your RAM modules.
17 > Oxidisation may have increase contact resistance. Usually pulling
18 > them out and pushing them back in cleans them enough to restore a
19 > good electrical contact.
21 > While you're there try removing all the dust from CPU, GPU, PSU
22 > coolers and air ducts using a vacuum cleaner (carefully) or a
23 > compressed air can. Keep holding the chassis at all times with one
24 > hand or use an earthing strap, some vacuum cleaners I've tried have a
25 > terrible problem with creating static electricity and a discharge
26 > could blow your MoBo chipset
28 > Finally, reseat any SATA/IDE cables. Their contacts can also corrode
29 > with time and if the browser is caching pages on disk while the
30 > freeze occurs it might cause a problem, although unlikely to get a
31 > BIOS beep from it. You wouldn't be able to boot with a hard disk
32 > failure beep code going off, if this was your problem.
34 Single beep would mean RAM issue indeed if it's a BIOS beep. But the
35 fact that it happens only when using the mouse wheel let me think it is
36 problably something more specific that a RAM issue.
38 I did some cleanup, without success. The system is fanless and thus
39 quite stable and remains clean.
41 I reseated the RAM. No change.
42 I run memtest86+. No errors.
45 > > I must restart X to get it back.
48 > This sounds like a Xorg drivers problem, but if Xorg has partially
49 > crashed due to RAM or power problems, then this cursor problem will
50 > go away after you address the hardware issue.
53 >> Scrolling with scrollbars or arrow keys works. Scrolling with
54 >> wheels in others apps like terminals works too. No useful message
55 >> in syslog, dmesg or console.
58 > What does /var/log/Xorg.0.log reveal?
60 Nothing either.
62 In the meantime I found another application triggering the problem (some
63 image display software), so this is not specific to Gecko.
65 --
66 Hervé


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