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From: daid kahl <daidxor@×××××.com>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-user] Keyboard Mapping Issues
Date: Tue, 17 Nov 2009 15:22:23
1 Hello,
3 After some recent updates, my keyboard shows some strange and
4 undesirable behavior. It is a MacBook (no previous keyboard
5 problems), with US mapping and UTF-8 mode.
7 Examples: During console login, the key-combination Shift+2 deletes
8 the whole line, and Shift+3 is a backspace, rather than the characters
9 '@' and '#' respectively. However, once logged-in, these keys behave
10 as expected. All other keys appear to work correctly. However, the
11 "Function" behavior is toggled opposite to previous settings where
12 they are normal F1-12 keys unless I hit the laptop's Fn key. Usually
13 this would be controlled by something like pommed (a small daemon for
14 Apple computers) or X, but those settings are not respected, and there
15 seems to be no way to switch the keyboard Function modes anymore.
17 Yesterday, I updated 18 packages and also the kernel. Is there some
18 simple tool in portage to report 1) The local build date of an
19 installed package 2) Display the emerge history? Such tools would
20 assist me in locating the problem, which I assume resulted from an
21 upgrade.
23 I know some of the updates included things like removing
24 device-mapper, updating lvm2 & udev, as well as perhaps kbd. I
25 expected these packages could be the problem, but I downgraded all of
26 them and restored the /etc directory from backup, and the strange
27 keyboard behavior remains. (Once I determined nothing in /etc causes
28 this behavior, I restored the recent /etc directory.) revdep-rebuild
29 doesn't show any broken dependencies that I might have missed through
30 the downgrades.
32 It is not the kernel or modules, since this behavior is now seen on
33 all my kernels.
35 Searching the internet and user-lists did not bring any solutions to
36 my attention.
38 Does anyone have some wisdom for me?
40 Regards,
41 daid


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