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From: Harry Putnam <reader@×××××××.com>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-user] video capture from min-dv... kernel params
Date: Sat, 31 Oct 2009 15:06:15
1 My windowsXP video editing machine where I use various adobe tools to
2 capture and edit video, has lost use of the ohci ports, and seemingly
3 the usb ports as well. I've been seeing problems with those inputs
4 for a while and today, finally the machine simply is not `seeing' the
5 video cam attached to either of two ohci (1394) inputs.
7 Unistall/re-install drivers etc... no soap.
9 I'm going to need a pci card and will change over to 1394b when I get
10 it.
12 Hoping to use gentoo platform to capture video. Googling around this
13 morning, I hoped to find a howto that at least listed what has to be
14 compiled kernel wise.
16 There is a vast amount of hits with strings like
17 `gentoo howto capture video'
18 `linux capture video'
20 but an awful lot of it is anecdotal stuff from forums, seems to be
21 lots of stuff about mythtv, and webcams and of course lots of what
22 turns up is ancient (well, 3-5 yrs old).
24 I wondered if anyone here has used gentoo for mini-dv capture and if
25 so what do I need to do regarding the kernel?
27 I see apps called dvgrab and kino show up in many of the hits too.
29 Is it just a matter of building specific modules or turning on certain
30 parameters in the kernel?
32 Are the tools dvgrab or kino self contained enough that I could do the
33 the capture with one or the other alone?
35 I'm not really concerned with the editing, and will transfer the
36 captured clips to a winxp machine where I can use Adobe premiere to
37 edit them.


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